Lessons for a Lover

Ashley is a very strong independent women but she has one problem her choice in men. Trying to over some obstacles and a haunting past Ashely runs into someone who will keep showing up and gives her a good time when she thinks she will fall. Will it be too late when Ashely opens her eye and see her true lover in front of her or will she stay in the shadows letting him have is happiness and not tell him her little secret. (my story isn't for some viewers Bad Laungue Dirty sence )


2. Meeting the boys


     Its has been weeks and I'm living with Dani, girl I met at the bar, we became best friends. I found out her boy friend is part of some boy band and when I am out with her she has paparazzi following her most of the time and fans following us. I find it really weird but I am not really interested in that life style. I find it crazy and Dani miss her boyfriend so much sometimes I find her crying. The guy she was talking too stalkers her on the phone and when he shows up to the house I tell him she not here and he tried hurting me but I took care of it. 


    Today I went to work early leaving Dani a note on the counter it was long day and I hate my costumers most have really bad manners. Being a waitress gives you a different view point on the human kind haha. On my way home I feel dead tired and I stomp up the steps to the flat. Inside I go into my room and drop my things stripping down into my underwear and bra. I shuffle out into kitchen grabbing a banana and peeling it. I hear a chuckle from the dinning room and look over seeing four handsome boys giving my smirks. I blush a violent red and run out the kitchen to my room. "DDDDDDAAAAAANNNNIIIII" I yell from my room grabbing my clothes I hear the steps of two feet coming towards my room and the door opens a  handsome boy with curly brown hair steps in . "Uh she not here ran out with Liam for a while" I nodded having my clothes on walking past him and back to the kitchen where the other boys sat looking at me. 

Me"Hi I'm Ashley" 

I smile I blush picking my banana I left on the counter. I look at the boys "Im Harry" the boys with curls that came into my room smiled."Im Louis" a boy with brown hair and a great smile laughs out " Im Niall" the other boy with blonde hair and an adorable smile. "Im Zayn" a boy with black hair and an edgy look god he was good looking and sexy. "Well what a great way to meet you guys" I laughed raising my eyebrows and bitting into my banana, 

Zayn: "A great way to meet" He winked at me 

Harry: "Your fit" He smiled looking me up and down I blushed 

Me: "thanks guys well I'm dead tired and I think I'm gonna bang the bed" I laughed uncontrollably at my joke and the boy looked at me weird. 

Dani:"I see you met Ash" She said walking in with a boy with brown hair holding his hand 

Zayn: "Yes and we met in a very unusual way"He chuckled and so did the other boys and Dani raised an eyebrow 

Dani: She was naked wasn't she?" Dani said smiling I blushed as the boys laughed nodding.

Harry:"So she does it a lot" He asked laughing

Dani:"Yes was she completely nude"I blushed 

Me:"No Dani I wasn't and shut up"I said looking at my feet. 

Niall;"Well in that case I'm coming over more often" The boys laughed 

Me:"I am going to sleep" I said walking past them all and into my room. What a great way to meet the boys.  

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