Knowing everything about yourself

Det her er egentlig en engelsk stil, men jeg syntes der var noget over den, så lægger den ud, og vil meget gerne have respons ;)


1. Knowing everything about yourself


Have you ever wanted to know how and when you are going to die? Have you ever wanted to be able to look into your future, and see what would happen? Who you were going to end up with, what job you would get, how your house would look like? I know you have. And trust me, you don’t want to know it. I knew all those things, everyone wants to know about themselves and their life, and it made me sick. I kept fearing for the day, I knew I would get driven over by a car, and die in that exact moment. I had seen how I would talk with a buddy over the phone, and lose control over my bicycle. I had seen how the driver would be scared to death, to see me drive in front of him, and realize that he didn’t have a chance to stop the car. And worst of all, I knew I couldn’t do anything to prevent it. I tried that at first. I knew I would get fired, because my boss came into my office at the wrong moment, and misinterpreted what was going on (his wife got the idea, that she needed to come into my office and start getting naked), so I tried to get away from my office at that time, but it was impossible. I just couldn’t leave the office. So I got fired, and had to go home, and tell my wife.

Later I started thinking, and realized that I wouldn’t be able to prevent my early death, which scared me as bloody hell. I tried not to go on the bicycle, and when I did, I didn’t bring my cellphone, but I knew it would happen sooner or later. As the time passed, I started thinking more and more about how. What was my wife and my kids going to do, when I was gone? Would they even miss me? Would it hurt to die, or would it just be over within a second? Who would show up at my funeral? Would there even be a funeral? How much money would my family get, as a replacement for my death? A lot of questions kept running through my head, and made my life crazy. I didn’t dare to go outside, or close my eyes. That was when I saw it. As soon as I closed my eyes, even just for five minutes, I would see something new. And even though I knew it wasn’t possible, I was afraid my destiny would change, and my death would become even earlier, and more painful. But I never saw a different version of my own death.

One day, when my wife and I had gone to bed, I decided to take the chance, and closed my eyes. I wish I had never done that. The vision I saw, was petrifying. At first, it looked normal. It was just my wife and I, laying in bed, and sleeping, as we did every night. But then something happened. My wife stood up, and went downstairs. She went to the refrigerator and reached for the door, but as soon as her hand reached the handle, her body got stiff, and she fell to the ground. Behind her was a man, dressed in black, with a knife. I stood there for a moment, and then went out through the front door, leaving a trace of blood.
I woke up a few minutes later, and discovered that my wife wasn’t next to me. I suddenly felt cold, and stood up. I didn’t knew if I should go check downstairs. What if I would find her, laying there, on the kitchen floor? I decided to go down, and I had guessed right. There she was. And she was dead.

After that, I didn’t care about anything. I started bicycling again, and talking to friends over the phone. I didn’t care if I would be hit by that car. Nothing would change. I would be dead, just as my wife was. And one day, it happened. Two months had passed, since my wife was dead. I was talking to my old boss, about getting my job back, when I lost the control. I knew what was going to happen, so I just closed my eyes, and let my life end, as the car hit me, and everything went even darker. 

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