When dream, the 14 year old girl from the English country side, is moved to her aunts farm after the death of her parents, she earns her keep by helping with the damaged horses her aunt had found on the nearby mountains mounths earlier, but is it the horses that need the care, or is it dream?


2. Unsuccessful

The "search team" where unsuccessful. So much for helping. This has some nothing but waste time. Before the men left they said they would continue the s watch tomorrow with dogs and more men- and that they would contact me tomorrow. I was glad when they left, as soon as I saw them drive out of the gate, I pulled on a coat, boots and grabbed the lead rope from the shelf.
I called jack, our trusty springer spaniel, but he didn't reply, oh crud , not him as well. I chucked the lead back onto the hook and traveled up the field on my own. It got misty here In the winter. They could have easily slipped. I knew they would be here somewhere. 
No luck. I realised as I locked the door behind me that I'm 14, and the police either didn't care, or did not realise I was too young to be home alone for the foreseeable future. But I didn't worry, I could handle it, I hope.

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