When dream, the 14 year old girl from the English country side, is moved to her aunts farm after the death of her parents, she earns her keep by helping with the damaged horses her aunt had found on the nearby mountains mounths earlier, but is it the horses that need the care, or is it dream?


4. Jack

I packed with a blank mind, not thinking about anything. Moving around the house like a pointless ghost. My world was falling apart. I was just glad I wasn't  panicking.
Aunty sue  came on time. I looked back at the house, all locked up and empty, cold, I heard a rustling. It increased, sue  called after me. I was rooted to the spot.... Could it  be.....? The bushes of the border around our front garden started to part....
"Jack!!!!" I couldn't believe it! I hugged him so tight. I waited....mum? Dad? But no. I was just glad jack was back! 
We drove to her house chatting the hole way (the journey was three quarters of an hour) considering the latest happenings, my spirits where high, I had jack. That was a good start.
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