When dream, the 14 year old girl from the English country side, is moved to her aunts farm after the death of her parents, she earns her keep by helping with the damaged horses her aunt had found on the nearby mountains mounths earlier, but is it the horses that need the care, or is it dream?


3. Aunty Sue

I went to bed early 
There was nothing to stay up for.
The phone rang rather loudly, I figured it was the police, but it was my aunt.
"ok dream? Your rather quiet, that's  not like you at all, anyway I herd about the incident, I'm sure they will show up, and the police have got in contact and I have offered, as your nearest relative, to care for you till Jill and tony come back, k? Be sure to have packed your things, jack and any other thing you want to take."
"sue, jack is missing too....."
"-ah. Well dear  not to worry. I'll pick you up at around 3:00? Ok darling. Bye!!!!"
Wow. I thought as she hung up. I forgot how......loud and joyful she always is.
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