Three boys, but only one girl...

(The name of the girls in this story is Norwegian(;)
Thea and Hedvig feeling like the most lucky girls in the whole world! They were going to see One Directions first performance in Norway! And they were going to see it from Diamond cercel!!! But in the middle of the concert, something happends, and this changes Thea and Hedvigs life 4 ever. Read to find out more, the story is better then the intro ;))


4. Wake up too... Nothing???


I sat down by her bed and took her hand. She looked so peaceful  so harmless, so beautiful. After Me and Holly broke up a couple of years ago, I have said that my next girlfriend would be my princess. And I think I just found her. But unfortunately, I could tell Harry think about the same. But I wouldn't loose this one to him, not this time. Suddenly, I felt like I should say something. I mean, in case she actually heard me. "Er... Hi!" I said awkwardly. "How are you doing?" Awkward silence filled the room. "Ya know, you really got the most beautiful eyes I ever seen... I mean, they as blue as, as... diamonds! Yes, blue as diamonds... Sorry, I'm not good at this," I am just sooo stupid!! 'Blue as, as...' Arg!! Why were I so stupid, stupid, stupid!! Just then I heard Louis call at me. I just ignored it, I had to be with Thea till she waked up! "NIALL!" Louis shouted again. "WHAT?!" I shouted back. "Paul want to talk to all of us together!" he shouted again. I sighed and got up. "I'll be right back," I told Theas sleeping body and walked out to were the rest of the boys sat. "Were on earth are you!" I heard Paul scream trough the phone. "Were at the hospital..." Liam started but Paul interrupted him, "THE HOSPITAL! What the heck have you done now!" I could imagine his face was red as a tomato. "Relax, Paul! There was this girl that was knocked out at the end of the concert and we could not just let her lay there. We, or Niall, actually saved her life!" Liam continued. "Okay, okay... I'll be right there, then we can discuss this," Paul replied with a softer and calmer voice before he hung up. "Well..." i said as I heard someone coughed. I turned around and I saw Thea! Shit! I hadn't been there when she waked up! Suddenly Hedvig got up and hugged her tightly. 


"Niall!" I heard Louis shout. But Niall didn't move. "NIALL!" I heard Louis shout again. This time Niall answered, "WHAT?!" "Paul want to talk to all of us together!" Louis answered. Niall sighed and got up. Seconds after I heard the door shot and all went silence. Suddenly I saw a small light. I came closer and closer and then it was all around me. Then I could see the hospital room. It stated as a blur, but it got clearer and clearer. Then I could feel the rest of my body again. I slowly sat up. In the start I felt dizzy, but I clear my mind and got up on my feet and walked to the door and opened it. "... We could't just let her lay there. We, or Niall, actually saved her life!" I heard Liam say in his calm voice. "Okay, okay... I'll be right there, then we can discuss this," the man they talked to answered and hung up. Who the heck was that? "Well..." Niall started but I interrupted him by coughing. Every ones head tuned against me. They all looked like they had seen a ghost. Suddenly Hedvig ran over to me and hugged me tightly. "H-Hedvig, I-I can't br-breathe," I said and her grip loosened. I giggled. "Sorry, I'm just so glad to see you!" she said. "I'ts okay, I'm glad to see you to," I replied. We pulled away and I looked straight to her face. "Is it true that our mother left us?" I asked her seriously. "Yeah, sorry... Wait, did you hear everything we said?" she looked shocked. "Well... I think so," I said and smiled at her. "So you heard every thing I said?" Liam asked suddenly. I turned around and smiled at him, "yes, and I would love to get to know you better to." He blushed. "I can't wait then," he continued and winked at me. "You heard what I said, too?" Harry asked, "and me?" Niall asked, "and me?!" Louis asked, I nodded. "Then I guess you heard me to?" Zayn said. "Yeah, I heard you all," I said and giggled. "And you are all so sweet! This may sound weird, but it kind of made my day," I said. "Well, it was rally good to he..." Louis started but a man interrupted him. "So, this is the girl.." hi said as he scanned me from my head to my feet. "Yes, Paul, it is," Liam said as Harry mouthed me 'I'm sorry'.       

  Author's message:

HI!! I'm SOOO Sorry I haven't been updated in a looong while! A lot have been happening this week and I have writer blocks so, yeah ;)) I will just say thank you soo much to everyone who have liked, favorited and just read this book, its means a lot!! So I promise next chapter will be better, this was a bit crapy. Love you all <3  


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