Three boys, but only one girl...

(The name of the girls in this story is Norwegian(;)
Thea and Hedvig feeling like the most lucky girls in the whole world! They were going to see One Directions first performance in Norway! And they were going to see it from Diamond cercel!!! But in the middle of the concert, something happends, and this changes Thea and Hedvigs life 4 ever. Read to find out more, the story is better then the intro ;))


1. Shopping time, and a special meet!

Thea's P.O.V

"OMD!!!!" I hear Hedvig scream it to my ear as I slowly opened my eyes. I took a look on my phone to find out that the clock only was half eight. "Please Hedvig, the clock is just half eight," I said half asleep, "but we have to go shopping for tonight " she said enthusiastic. Hedvig was my best friend. She was 16 wile I was 17. She had dirty, blond straight hair who went down to just under her shoulders. She had green eyes, freckles and black glasses. She was about a half head lower then me and I was 5.6 foot. She had slept over at mine, since we were suppose to shop together before the concert. "Okay, get out so I can change," I winked at her. She smiled at me and shut the door. I did my daily routine. I went to the bathroom and got in the shower. I felt the war water stream down my body as I washed my hair and my body. I got out and blew my blond/golden wavy hair dry, and put it up in a messy bun. I brushed my teeth and put on my contacts and some mascara. I slipped out of my pajamas and switched in to a pair of black jeans and t-shirt that said 'young, free and single'. After I had changed, I went to the bathroom again and let my  thick hair fall down my shoulders and saw that it reached down to the middle of my back. I brushed it and took it over both of my shoulders. I went down stars and bumped into Hedvig. "Watch it!" she said as she rubbed her chin, "I almost tough you had drowned in the shower." I laughed at her. "Let me eat first, then we go," I told her and she nodded. I grabbed a bowl and some cereal and started to eat. When I was done I sat the bowl in the sink and went to grab my bubble coat, or what i should call it, and my winter boots. Although its already May 7th, its deep snow and freezing outside, and that wasn't normal even here, in little, cold Norway. "Are you ready yet?" Hedvig called from the door. "Yes!" I called back. I grabbed my house key, my phone and my purse and went outside. I locked the door and we start walking, since none of us are old enough to drive. (in Norway you have to be 18) It was a pretty long walk. Suddenly a car drove up by our side, the window went open and a familiar boy stuck his head out. It was Hedvigs boyfriend, Sander. "Want a ride to the mall, girls?" he asked. Hedvig laughed. "Course!" she said happy. We got into the car. I had never liked Sander. Well that is a lie. We were together for about a year ago, nobody knew it then and nobody know it now, not even Hedvig. We were actually pretty happy back then, but he changed. He started to hang out with the 'cool' people at our school. He started to smoke and drink and yeah... So I broke up with him, but he told me that he would do anything to win my hart again. Then he was only 17. I woke up from my thoughts by feeling that the car had stopped. I turned away as I saw Sander kissing Hedvig passionately. I could feel a bit of jealousy, but I pushed the feeling away. I was not going to fall for his blond, perfectly formed hair, his beautiful blue eyes or his muscular body or... NO! I could't think like that. I fake coughed and they pulled away. Sander sent me a smile, just a little, but he did it as if he said 'miss it, huh?' I ignored it and got out. Hadvig came out and took her arm in mine. "Ready to shop for the best day of our lives?" she asked and smiled. "Oh yeah babe!" I said and we start laughed like crazy

Three hours later

We went to get something to eat at a little cafe. It was packed, we got the last table with one extra chair. "Thea, can I ya something that you promise me to answer on?" Hedvig suddenly asked me. "It depends on what you are going to ask about," I said and took a bite of my cookie. "Please, just say yes!" she begged and made a puppy dog face. "Okay okay!" I said an smiled a little. Hedvig turned serious, "what is it between you and Sander, and why do yo hate him?" I looked down, "i-its noting," I answered, but in the moment I said it, i knew she wouldn't believe it. "I'm not stupid Thea, I saw that smile he sent you, it was just like..." she turned quiet when a boy with hoody and sunglasses came till our table. "Do you girls mind if i sit down her, its like the only free chair?" he asked in a husky, British accent. It was something familiar with that voice. "No, no its okay," I said and smile at him. "What youre name, love?" he asked. "Thea, and this is Hedvig," I said and nodded at her. "Hi," Hedvig simply said and turned back to her warm chocolate. "So, what's your name?" I asked, I felt a little bit nervous. "Harry, and beautiful name by the way, they are Norwegian, right?" "Well tanks Harry, and yeah, they are Nowegian," He smiled at me, he had the most beautiful smile ever. "You not from her, I guess?" I asked stupidly. "Haha, no, I'm from England." He said with his beautiful voice. We kept talking for almost an hour. "Thea, we got to go now, if we don't wanna miss the concert," Hedvig suddenly said. "One Direction concert? Are you fans?" Harry asked. "Yeah, why?" Hedvig answered. He ignored it and continued talking, "were are your seats?" "Diamond circle, front row," I replied happily. "Cool," he said. We got up, all of us. Me and Harry exchanged numbers and he went for the car he rented and me and Hedvig started to walk home with all our bags, as it started to snow. "Wanna have a ride?" I heard Harry's voice say as his car pulled up by our side. It mad me jump. "Crap, you scared me!" I said laughing, "and yes, if its not to long." Harry laughed slightly as he came out and took or bags in the boot. "Ladies first," he said an gently opened the passenger door in the front and I got in,. "Thank you, my lord," I said in my best British accent. He laughed a little. He opened the door for Hedvig to, in the back and she got in. Me an Harry talked the whole ride, he was super nice, but he never took of his sunglasses. He stopped the car outside my house. "Tanks for the ride, Harry," i said and gave him a hug. "Anytime, love," he said and smiled a breath taking smile at me. Me and Hedvig got out of the car, took our bags and vent inside. We sat on the couch and just relaxed for some minutes. I thought of how it felt like it was a firework that explode in side me when Harry hugged me. "Come one, we have a concert to get ready for," Hevdvig said and we stated to search around in our bags.

Hedvig P.O.V

I was a bit annoyed when Harry came. I mean, we were talking!! He seamed nice, but he only talked to Thea. I could ease see that he liked her, and I think Thea liked him a bit to. On our way home I decided to not interrupt their little 'love party' and just sat texted with Sander 


this is fun, think thea finally

have found som1 she like:)

i can tell he like her, his

name is Harry :P'

I waited in one minute before he answered

'from: Sander<3 

finally?? how long since last? do she like him?? 

how did you met him?.

Why did he care that much?? Again, have to talk to Thea about her and Sander.

'to: Sander<3

why do ya care?? and yes, finally, she haven't had a

b-friend in years! and I think she like him, thought IDK :S

we met him at  Matty's, why???

He din't reply, so the rest of the car ride I just listened to the conversation between Thea and Harry, but it was just boring stuff and I ended up with just stare out of the window. When we got out of the car I just mumbled thank you, and went inside. We sat on the cough just relax for a minute before I decided to brake the silence. "Come on, we have a concert to get ready for." We started to go trough our bags to find some cloths to wear.   


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