Three boys, but only one girl...

(The name of the girls in this story is Norwegian(;)
Thea and Hedvig feeling like the most lucky girls in the whole world! They were going to see One Directions first performance in Norway! And they were going to see it from Diamond cercel!!! But in the middle of the concert, something happends, and this changes Thea and Hedvigs life 4 ever. Read to find out more, the story is better then the intro ;))


2. Not as expected!

Thea's P.O.

I looked at my self in the mirror. I had red, skinny jeans, a t-shirt that said 'keep calm and love One Direction' and a purple hoody with 'I <3 ONE DIRECTION' written on the part over my stomach. I had some mascara on and some foundation. I went down stairs and my mom sat at the kitchen table and read in the newspaper. As I walked in she looked up and smiled at me. "You look beautiful honey," she said and hugged me tightly. "Thanks mom," I said into her neck. We pulled away just as Hedvig came down. She had a pair of beige jeans, a tube top with a see trough top over who said 'YOLO', and over that again, she had black hoody that said 'MRS. ONE DIRECTION'. I took up the poster we had made. It was a portrait of ever on of the boys and it said: My BooBear, Hazza, Daddy Direction, Nialler, DJ Malik. It was huge thought. We got in the car an mom started to drive to the arena. Me and Hedvig talked the whole way about how fun this was going to be, and finally, mom stopped the car and said, "be careful an have fun, girls," she said before she gave us our tickets and walked over to the line and waited. As we came to our seats in diamond circle and got some jealous look from other girls. Suddenly the boys came on stage and the crowd went crazy! Well, me and Hedvig was really not an exception. We screamed, joined the songs and danced to songs like Up All Night and so. But under the hole concert I saw, or I was pretty sure I saw, that Harry were looking at me. And under his solo in WMYB he was winking at me!! First I thought I just imagine that he did so, but right after he did so, Hedvig screamed in my ear "did you see that?!?! Harry Fucking Styles winked at you!" I just smiled like crazy the rest of the time and he kept looking at me the rest of the time.

After the concert

 We were about to get our things when someone suddenly pushed me so I fell over the fence. I lost my breath for some seconds and then I felt a pain, it was everywhere. Then everything went black. 

Hedvig's P.O.V

"It was soo much fun," I said to Thea as we were almost at the door. But she didn't reply. I turned around, but didn't see her anywhere. I started to get worried and tried to call her, but she didn't answer. I turned around an mad my way trough happy girls, till were we sat. I look around ans then, I saw her hair under the fence. I ran to her. She was unconscious!! I fell down beside her and cried for help. I saw her phone and saw that Harry was calling her. I quickly answered. "Hi Thea, how was the concert?" he asked. "OMG Harry, what shall I do, Thea is unconscious, right under the stage and it's nobody her!" I screamed into the phone. "Hedvig, is that you? Calm down okay, I'll see what I can do." With that he hung up.

Harry's P.O.V

"Hi Thea, how was the concert?" I asked into my phone when she answered. "OMG Harry, what shall I do, Thea is unconscious right under the stage and it's nobody her!" I was confused for a sek, but then i understood that it had to be Hedvig. Wait, what?! Was Thea  unconscious?!?! "Hedvig, is that you? Calm down okay, I'll see what I can do." I hung up. I run to her were she sat and saw her and Hedvig. "What happend?" I said. I had to pretend I just forgot something, so they didn't understood I was the boy from the cafe. "Omg, Harry!" Hedvig cried out. "Come with me, I'll carry her," I said as I lifted up Thea's lifeless body. We ran into our wardrobe. I saw the lads stand there in only boxers, but I didn't care. In the corner of my eye I saw that Hedvig hesitated a little, before she walked in and took Thea's hand. "Who are they?" Liam asked me, but I ignored it, "Harry, WHO ARE THEY!" he almost yelled. "It's T..." I stopped up and remember that I actually, i front of Hedvig, and Thea, I didn't knew them, I would tell the boys later. Hedvig gave me a confused look, but I almost couldn't see it under the tears. "I don't know, I forgot my jacket on the stage when i saw  them there," I said, before I returned to check Thea's pulse and sow. Good job, Styles, good job. I put my finger on Thea's wrist, but I didn't feel anything, I check everywhere else to, but nothing. I started to panic as I lay my head on her chest, but nothing. "Liam, hurry, call the ambulance, her hart have stopped!" I yelled and heard Hedvig scream. "Zayn, try to comfort, her!" I said and suddenly I saw Niall on top of her trying to get her hart to work. "It doesn't help!" he screamed. I was in panic. "Moth to moth!" Louis yelled at him. I felt the jealous fill my body, that should be me, I SHOULD SAVE HER! I saw Niall grip her nose and her chin and try to get live in her. As he blew air into her moth, I saw her eyes slowly open. Niall sat up and she started to cough. Then she saw straight into Niall's eyes. "You saved my life," she whispered, "it was really nothing," he answered, whispering to, still looking into her eyes. "Omg! Thea, are you okay!?" Hedvig scream and run to her. Niall get up and I feel myself sending him a dirty look. 

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