Three boys, but only one girl...

(The name of the girls in this story is Norwegian(;)
Thea and Hedvig feeling like the most lucky girls in the whole world! They were going to see One Directions first performance in Norway! And they were going to see it from Diamond cercel!!! But in the middle of the concert, something happends, and this changes Thea and Hedvigs life 4 ever. Read to find out more, the story is better then the intro ;))


3. I know we just met, but...

Thea's P.O.V

I woke up, feeling a pair of soft lips against mine. He sat up and i started to cough a little. I looked up in to the beautiful, blue eyes, that belonged to the one and only Niall Horan. They were more beautiful in real life. Then I realized i should say something, and so I did. "You saved my life," I whisper, it wasn't men to come out like whispering, but it just did. "It was really nothing," he answered, whispering to. We still looked into each other eyes. "Omg! Thea, are you okay!?" Hedvig came running to me and hugged me tight. I shot a smile at Niall who had just came up on his feet. Then I saw a nurse com in and before I knew it, I lay on a stretcher, in an ambulance, with Niall by my side. I got into a room and before I new it every thing got dark. The last thing i remember I that I hear Niall scram at the nurse that wheeled me, and he had held my hand for the whole journey.

Niall's P.O.V

Those eyes, they were the most beautiful eyes i ever seen. And yeah, just her, her body as she stared into my eyes after I just had felt her soft lips against mine. When I got up I looked at her as the other girl hugged her tightly. She was so beautiful. I think her friend called her Thea. Norwegian name I guess. As I looked away from her I saw Harry shot me a really, really dirty look. What the hell was his problem, I had just saved the girl?! The nurse that took her into the ambulance, and then said, "who of you woke her up?" "i-it's was me," I said, I was nervous as hell. "Then I think you should come with her," she replied. I nodded and got into the ambulance and held her hand. As we got into a room at the hospital I saw Thea slowly close her eyes. And I just  clicked totally. "Omg, shes dies, SHE DIES!!!" I screamed at the nurse that wheeled me. I don't know why I cared so much, I mean, I had know the girl for about a half an hour. And she had just been awake for around the half of the time! I was showed out of the room, and out were the rest of the boys and the girl sat. "Omg, is she okay!?" the girl asked me and looked sick of worry. "She became unconscious as she was wheeled into the hospital room," I said as calm as I could. The girl started to cry again and Liam was in as second by her side and tried to comfort her. I looked over at Harry, who tried to hold the tears back. "She will be okay, mate," I said to him. But he just shot me another of his dirty looks. "What is your problem!?" I asked him and looked straight into his eyes. He ignored it and disappeared out the door. I sat down beside Louis and sent him a confused look. "Don't care, mate," he said. I shrugged and hided away my face in my hands. I couldn't stop thinking about Thea. How was she? Would she die?

We just sat there as the hours ticked away. Then suddenly, a nurse came to us. "Are you here for Miss Huston?" she asked as she was standing in front of us. "Thea? Yeah, I think so," I said stupidly. She looked a little confused, but continued, "she is in a coma but she will probably wake up later today. And you can come visiting her once at time." We all nodded. "Who to go first?" Liam asked.

Thea's P.O.V     

I was in this dark, why couldn't I get out!? I did't wanted to just lie here, and look like a fool. I just got the chance to meet my idols, but I was so stupid I just ended in this dark. Then I hear a door open and then close. "Hi," I heard Zayn's shyly voice say. "I don't really know what to say, and, yeah, I haven't really talked to you before. I don't even know if you can hear me, so." I wanted to shout to him that I could hear him and that he really did't needed to worry. But I could't. I was stuck in this endless dark. "Well, I will just say that, oh god, this is hard. Well, I hope you get better soon, so I, I mean we, can get to know ya better. Cause you look like a very nice girl and, yeah," he said as he stroke me once at my knee. I hear the door get closed and opened again a few seconds later. "Hi!" I heard Louis voice say. "If you hear me, tell me, how do ya feel, love?" He chuckled a bit of his own joke and took my hand. "Okay, I'll try to be serious. I know none of us really know you, but I have to tell you something. Don't freak out now..." he chuckled a bit again. "Sorry for that. But that I needed to talk to you about is that I can tell, both Harry AND Niall likes you," he took a brake. What the heck was he talking about?? They hadn't even known me for more then, wait, how long had I been in  coma?? Anyways, they hadn't known me for maximum a couple of hours, and besides, I already loved Harry, I mean him from the cafe, not Styles!! "Well, I know neither of us know you, and maybe I take wrong, but I just needed to talk to you about it," he finished, kissed my forehead and then I hear the door close and open again a few seconds later. "Hi, ehm, Thea? Am I'm saying it right? Oh sorry, you probably don't hear me, but we say you do," Liam say as he sit down at my bed. "Sooooooo.... How are you doing? Fine? So good! Me you ask? Yeah, I'm fine, thank you! Except the fact that you laying in a hospital bed, but lets not think about sad things like that. LETS GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!!! Well, since no one other want, I can start. My name is Liam James Payne, I'm 19 years old. I was born August 29th, 1993 in Wolverhampton in England and my parents names is Karen and Geoff. I've got two older sister, Nicole and Ruth. I also got two turtles, Boris and Archimedes. I prefer showers over bath and my favorite films are Toy Story. I also look at my self as the romantic one in the group and really love to cook! Because I'm afraid of spoons I eat ice cream with a fork and my favorite chocolate is Maltesers. I don't drink alcohol because I only got one kidney. My favorite sport is basketball and I've got size 8 in feet. In school I got bullied by my "classmates" and I play the guitar. My favorite color is purple and my twitter is @Real_Liam_Payne," he stopped for a sec and I could't stop thinking about how sweet he is!!! "Well, when you wake up, I would love to find out more about you! Bye for now love," he said as he kissed my forehead and all I wanted was to wake up and tell him how he really made my day! He went out as Hedvig came in. OMG! How I wanted to see her face so badly! I again tried to get out of this dark, but as hard as I tied, I only got deeper and deeper. "How are you sweaty?" she asked as she laid down beside me. "ya know, your mom asked if we were coming home by ourselves. I don't know how to tell you this," she stopped. What?! Com on Hedvig, just tell it, please!!!! "Well, you know that our moms job at the same place and, and... Their work sent them away a couple of hours ago and, and... t-they will be gone for almost a month!!" she was crying now. Wait, WHAT!! Had my mom left me home by myself for a whole month! She was kidding, right? Please tell me she was kidding! Oh, you probably wonder were our dads are at this point, their in heaven. You heard right, in heaven. You might think I'll cry myself to sleep every night, but he died before I was born, so. Of course, I would love to have my dad her and all that stuff, but its  harder for Hedvig, her dad died two years ago, and even if she is the strongest person I've ever met, I can fully understand this being to hard, even for her. And now were we also left home alone with just our self as company. Great! "But, the good thing is... We two can live together and yeah, just be teenagers! But you might be wondering about school, right? But you don't have to worry, all the warm, aaaall the lights AND all the electricity have gone in the WHOLE SCHOOL!! And they say it will take at least a month!!! So that means we will have free the whole month!!" OMG! A whole moth to spend with my best friend and no school! Could this even be better? Then I felt her get up. "Well, I promised Harry not to be too long, so I'll see you later," she said as I heard foot steps, that I guess was Harrys foot steps. "Hi Thea," he said and sat down at my bed. He was silence for a wile before he talked again. "Ya know? All I want right now, is to be her when you wake. To be the first one you see as you wake up, but I know I can't. It was for a reason that Niall wanted to be the last one in. He wanted the same as I, just that he toughed at it first." I could't believe it! I had never been popular with boys, I mean, other then Sander, but anyway, and now two of them actually "fighting" to be with me as I wake up from my coma! And they don't even know me! They, they don't know me... That is the cause. That is always the cause when a boy likes me. He get to know me and then he just suddenly don't like me anymore, when he gets to know me. "Well, anyways, when you wake up, I would love to get to know you better," he said as the door opened and I heard Niall fake cough and Harry get up. NOW! I tough, now would be a perfect moment to wake up, but no, of course not. I just laying there, like an idiot. I heard the door close and as Niall take my hand as he sit down on the bed. I WANT TO WAKE UP NOW!!   

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