values, soul,spititual


1. Values

The values by which we live,and the values we convey to our children are our most

important social issues.Nothing more powerfully determine the shape of child's life

than his/her values,beliefs,and sense of right and wrong

A child's values more than her/his race,class,sex,ethnicity,neighborhood,genes,or

background will determine the child's fate and it is given to families pr-eminently 

to provide these values(William Bennet author of Book of Great Moral stories)

The issue for us ,as parents ,teachers, and family members is,are we providing these 

values to the children,not by preaching but by practicing ?

Do not worry that your children never listen to you,Worry that they are always 

watching you(Robert Fulgum).Are we proper role models for our children ?


We have become so sophisticated ,so enmeshed in the trappings of the world

that we have been enriched in a lot of ways and impoverished in more important way.

We are so good at minimizing the domain of God,,intruding on holy places,claiming

it as our own that we are ending with lot to feel proud about,but nothing to inspire us.

(Robert Kushner-Author of When Bad Things happen to Good People)

Kushner further contends that there are two Acts in life .Act 1 is called"Achieve"

and Act 2 is called "Connect".In todays's world we behave like "Achieve" is the only

thing that matters.Many people never get to"Connect" which means fulfillment

The issue is are we in Rat Race of achieving, forgetting the comment of Lily Tomlin

"The problem with being in rat race is even if you win ,you are still a RAT




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