It wouldn't be the Same Without You

Who would've thought a shy girl could steal the heart of funny-boy Louis Tomlinson? He brings out a shining light in her, and they fall harder and harder for each other... Until something tears them apart...


12. Where are you?!

Alesha's POV
I'm sure he just got caught up. He wouldn't leave me standing here alone like a fool... Would he? Of course he wouldn't. He's not that type of person, well, as far as I could tell. I did only meet him two days ago. But where was he? What has made him half an hour late?
I pace around the foyer. Did something bad happen to him? There's only one way to know. I pick out my phone and dial Louis' number. A continuous stream of rings sounded into my ear. No answer. Ok, now this was freaking me out. Maybe the boys knew where he was. I dialed Harry's number, and he picked up on the third ring.
"Harry, is Louis still with you, because he hasn't shown up for our date yet and he isn't picking up his phone?" I ask him. I've begun sweating because of my anxiety.
"No, love. He left over an hour ago to meet you," he replied, "Wait, I'll ask the lads."
I heard a shuffling, and a few mumbled voices before Harry was back on the line.
"The lads haven't heard from him. Do you think someone's happened to him?" I could here the concern in his voice too.
"Yeah, I don't think he would just disappear like this without a good explanation." I felt dizzy thinking that something could've happened to Louis.
"Ok. I'll meet you at the cinema in ten with the lads, then we'll figure out what to do." He said, and hung up.

Right on ten minutes, Harry's car pulled up to the curb and the boys plus my friends piled out of the car. I could see the worried expressions on their faces. Harry strode over to me and rubbed my back in comfort.
"We'll find him," he said, "He probably just got lost or something." I nodded, hoping he was right.
Harry made the plan of pairing one of the boys with a girl, as we girls knew our way around the city, then splitting us up. I was paired with Amy and Liam, as there was an odd number with Louis missing.
"Ok, how about we start in this general area. Who knows what trouble he has got himself into." Liam said, and pulled Amy and I out into the night air.
"Don't worry, Leashy, I'm sure he's fine." She said then started calling Louis's name in the opposite direction to me. I waked along a line of closed stores, looking for any sign of him. The darkness was chilling.
"LOUIS!" I called out. Nothing. Only a distant siren, and the yells of the others. I sigh, then turn back around as I approached the end of the street. 'Has that street always been there?' I ask myself as I'm faced with a dark road. I had never noticed it before tonight. I had an urge to walk down through the darkness. 'Maybe he's down there?' I say to myself. I find myself engulfed with black. My eyes eventually adjust to the little light, and I can make out a random assortment of shapes up against walls.
"LOUIS!" I call out again. Still no reply. I shuffle my feet along the ground to avoid tripping on hidden obstacles, but my foot still catches on something, and my body hurls towards the ground.
"Ouch!" I say as my head makes contact with the asphalt. I turn to see what tripped me, and my heart stops when I see him sprawled out on the ground, his beautiful face bruised... Hardly breathing.
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