It wouldn't be the Same Without You

Who would've thought a shy girl could steal the heart of funny-boy Louis Tomlinson? He brings out a shining light in her, and they fall harder and harder for each other... Until something tears them apart...


1. When eyes meet

Alesha's POV
I wake up to my alarm clock on what, to me, is the biggest day of my life. I have been waiting to see One Direction in concert for so long. They are my inspirations. Not like I can sing or anything, I mean, I sound like a dying pig. They inspire me to follow my dreams, and after a tough childhood of abuse, that is what I most want in life. To be where I dreamed of being since a little girl.
I leap out of bed, giddy with excitement. I walk over to my wardrobe and pull out my clothes for today. A knee length cream lace dress with a red belt, and my favourite pair of red heels. I would rather wear my jeans and hoodie. After a quick shower, I comb out my dirty blond hair, which is such a hassle to style. I blow dry it, then twirl my normally straight locks into small waves. I apply a small bit of make up, grab my phone and bag, and head out onto the streets. Immediately, I receive a text from one of my best friends, Lily.
'Hey Leash, ready for tonight?! xx'
I laugh to myself, send her a quick yes, and hop into my car. I still had to pick up Claudia, Amy and Eloise, my other best friends. Them, plus Lily and I, were all going to the concert together.
After collecting all the girls, I drive into the city, with 'What Makes You Beautiful' blaring on the radio, and everyone singing along. We stop by at McDonalds for a quick lunch, then head to the arena where One Direction will be performing. Eloise, Lily and Amy were still singing at the top of their lungs as Claudia and I follow behind. We joined the rest of the screaming girls grouped around a closed off area. I could feel the butterflies forming in my stomach. Claudia squeezed my hand, as if she knew exactly how I was feeling.
The girls' screams in front of us rose, as a black car pulled up to the curb, and five irresistible guys stepped out. 'If only he would look at me' I thought to myself, and at that very moment, a pair of beautiful blue- green eyes turned in my direction. He looked unbelievable, with his brown hair swept off his face and a big small, flashing his pearly whites. His striped shirt and signature red jeans stood out amongst the crowd. He smiled at me, then made his way to the signing table, ready to greet thousands of fans.
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