It wouldn't be the Same Without You

Who would've thought a shy girl could steal the heart of funny-boy Louis Tomlinson? He brings out a shining light in her, and they fall harder and harder for each other... Until something tears them apart...


16. Let me explain...

Louis' POV
2 days later....
"Please Alesha, just call me. Please. I miss you." I left her another voicemail, which now probably totaled well over fifty, plus many text messages. She never replied. I hadn't heard from her since the day she was dragged out of the room, and I missed her. It was weird not having her around. The lads still saw the girls, they were pretty much always together now, but they refused to speak about Alesha. All I knew was that the girls weren't happy with me. They would glare at me when I walked past them, and shake their heads in disapproval. Somehow I had hurt Alesha, but I had no idea how. When I asked the lads for advice, all they said was,
"It's your mess. You clean it up."
Performing on stage was hard, especially after just being released from hospital. The screaming fans gave me a headache. I had an urge to run off the stage and hide in a closet like a little boy, but I couldn't let down the fans. It was my second last concert in Australia, after all. 'Only two days left with Alesha."
I sighed, placed my phone back on the bedside table and sat on my large bed, holding my head up with my palms. Why was this happening?
Zayn knocked softly on the door and stuck his head in the room.
"You alright, mate?" He asked. He sauntered towards me and plonked down beside me. I peered into his chocolate eyes.
"No," I reply, "I'm not. She won't return my calls,and the rest of the girls won't tell me what's going on. I don't get what I did." I sighed again and ran my fingers through my hair.
"You didn't do anything, Lou." He said. Confusion washed over me.
"What? Well then why is she ignoring me?"
His one word response blew up inside of me. Of course she was meddling with his life. She always did this, saying it was for 'the safety of the band'. It was complete bullshit.
"I have to explain to her." I say, and bounce back onto my feet. I run as well as I could with a bruised body, and stopped in the doorway, tuned towards Zayn, and simply said,
"Are you coming or not?"

Alesha's POV
I didn't leave my apartment once during the next few days. I ignored every call and text I received from him, even though I desperately wanted to pick up and speak to him again.
"Please Alesha, just call me. Please. I miss you."
I turned off my phone and hid it in my top draw. It would be the best to forget about him. He was retuning to London in two days anyway, so it shouldn't be that hard... Right? Wrong. He was all I could think about. I knew I shouldn't be blaming him, but I believed what Aubrey had said. Louis Tomlinson doesn't need me. He can have any girl he wanted, so he definitely didn't need me. It was easier to just forget we had ever met.
I rested my head on the cold plaster of my wall and closed my eyes, more tears forcing their way out. I didn't hide them this time. I let them rain down my face, coating my jeans in a layer of salty water. There was a knock at my door, and Vicky walked in, sympathy scrawled across her perfect complexion. She knelt down beside me and took my hand, speaking soothing words to me. All of my friends had been taking in turns checking in on me. This morning it was Claudia. They all knew how cut up I got about these things, and for that, I loved them even more, especially since Vicky had only just returned from the USA. She lead me over to the couch and helped to sit me down. She smoothed my hair down as she spoke,
"He really does need you, you know. Josh has been telling me how cut up Louis is about this. He really does care for you." I bow my head down, staring at my hands.
"It's for his own good. He needs as little attention as possible right now." I reply. I could never deal with myself if I was the reason he got hurt again.
Vicky sighed, then walked into the kitchen, returning with two glasses of water. She handed one to me, then placed hers on the coffee table.
"Please Alesha, just talk to him." There was more knocks at the door. Vicky stood up to answer. I tuned out of the low murmur of voices, thinking it was only someone else checking up on me. Louis and Zayn walked into the room.
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