It wouldn't be the Same Without You

Who would've thought a shy girl could steal the heart of funny-boy Louis Tomlinson? He brings out a shining light in her, and they fall harder and harder for each other... Until something tears them apart...


23. I should've known

Alesha's POV
The dark silhouette of the person was still, unmoving. It made a chill run down my spine, yet I found my feet leading me to it. I grew nearer and nearer and stopped when I was only a few feet away. Their face was still covered by a shadow. I scanned the body. The curves and petite figure suggested a woman. A woman? Really?
"He-hello?" I shuddered out. I tried to keep my voice sounding confident, like I wasn't as frightened as I felt.
The woman stepped out of the darkness and into the street light. I glanced down at her small, unfamiliar face. She was no one I knew. Her dark hair fell in waves down her back and her deep blue eyes were fixed on me. She appeared to be only a few years older than me. A smirk covered her lips.
"Hello, Alesha." My stomach fell. How did this woman know my name?
"How do you know who I am?" I ask. I step away from her, only edging her to step towards me.
"Let's just say I have a 'friend' who isn't your biggest fan." I ran through my memories, trying to find someone who I knew didn't like me. Only one name came to mind.
"Sierra." I say. My eyes tear up remembering how much she had tortured me in school. I couldn't cry in front of this woman.
"What do you want?" I ask. The woman steps towards me again, and reaches into her coat. The moonlight catches the object, reflecting the shine of metal. My stomach drops again and I immediately feel sick. She had a knife. She was going to kill me.

She edged forward again, waving the knife in the air.
"Sierra asked me to do a job for her, and I don't want her to be disappointed." She smiled her devious smile again, and threw her armed hand into my chest, exploding pain throughout me as I collapsed onto the ground.

Louis' POV
Her words still rang through my mind, cutting deep into me. She was right, and I knew it. If I had never invited her, she wouldn't be in danger, and she wouldn't be out in the cold air. Where was she? She'd been gone for hours, and I know she wouldn't wander far, especially in an unfamiliar environment. She should've let off her steam by now. She should be home now. I paced the loving room, the lads and girls' eyes following me.
"We should go find her." I say. It suddenly dawns on me that something could've happened to her.
"Oh my God! What if something's happened to her?!" I yell. I run to the door, grab my keys and slam the front door behind me. I hug my coat tightly around my body and fumble with the keys to my car. The front door slams again. I turn around and she Lily walking towards me, concern flooding her face.
"I though you could use some help." She said. I smiled at her, and gestured to the passenger seat. I eventually unlocked the door and slide into the car.

Lily's POV
"Do you have any idea where you're going?" I ask. Louis swears again and makes another left turn.
"No, but she has to be here somewhere." He said. I sigh and pull out my phone.
'Alesha! Where are you?!' I text. I close my phone and wait for a reply, only to hear Alesha's message tone beeping from beneath my seat.
"Damn! She doesn't even have her phone on her!" I say. Louis mutters something under his breath. I throw him a puzzled look. My phone buzzes and I glare down at the screen. Unknown number. I freeze and feel the blood rush out of me as I read the message.
"L-Lou? You might want to pull over and read this." He pulls to the curb and snatches the phone out of my hand.
'Missing someone? Better hurry, or you might be too late.'
An address to an unknown house was printed underneath.
"SHIT!" He swears and swivels the car around sharply.

The house was run down. The windows were smashed in and the door was impossible to open.
"Hurry up, Louis!" I yell. I knew she was in there, and I had to get to her. He smashed his shoulder into the door.
"Shut up!" He yells back, and falls with the door when it swings open. I run though the hallway, peering into each musky room, looking for any sign she was here. I couldn't hear Louis behind me, and I knew he had gone in the opposite direction. As I neared the end of the dark hall, I bounced up the creaking spiral staircase and barged into the first door on my right. She wasn't there. I run to the next door on the left, only to find it locked. She was in there. I knew it.
I barge through the door to find traces of blood everywhere. There she was, lying on the floor in a pool of blood, A knife next to her hand. I drop to my knees and cry.
"LOUIS!", I scream, "LOUIS!"
Her chest was covered in a dark pool of crimson blood. My hands fumble for my phone as I call 999.
I reach for her pulse, and find it, barely there. I grasp her unmoving hand.
"Leashy, please be ok. Stay with me."
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