It wouldn't be the Same Without You

Who would've thought a shy girl could steal the heart of funny-boy Louis Tomlinson? He brings out a shining light in her, and they fall harder and harder for each other... Until something tears them apart...


13. Hidden in the dark

Harry's POV
"LOU?" I yell. He has to be here. He doesn't just disappear. He's my best mate, he'd tell me if something was wrong. 'Please tell me he's okay...'
"SOMEONE! HELP ME!" I hear Alesha yell from a hidden street. My heart skips a beat, fearing the worst as her voice cracks with tears. My feet pound on the ground, and the next moments blur together. I remember turning and seeing Alesha crying, leaning over Louis, who was only just breathing. I remember leaning down, feeling his pulse, and pulling out my phone to call 000. Alesha cried as she wiped his hair from his battered face, whispering soothing words to him.

The ambulance arrived within minutes, and Louis was lifted onto a stretcher and carried away in the back of the ambulance, Alesha never leaving his side. I remember snippets of Liam grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the car. He was always so calm in bad situations, but his forehead was creased with concern. The girls were all hugging each other, calming each other down. 'Why would anyone do this? Especially to Lou,' I thought to myself, 'He never does anything to harm or upset another person. Why him? Why us?' I immediately knew the answer to my last question. Because we were One Direction. We were always targets. I kicked at a nearby bin, and swore. Liam tugged at my arm again, then forced me into the car.

The hospital smelt like disinfectant. I hated it. The white walls burned my eyes, leaving black dots covering my vision. The plastic chairs we were made to sit in dug into my back, and I shuffled in my seat. The lads and girls around me sat in silence. We had been like this for an hour. Silent. Waiting. Fed up, I stood, and stormed over to a nearby nurse.
"How long do we have to wait for the results?" I demand at her. She seemed frighted by the aggressive tone to my voice.
The nurse never answered, because Eloise was tugging my arm back to the waiting area. She wrapped her arms around me in a hug. 'Damn she smells nice.' I say to myself. What's wrong with me? I shouldn't be thinking these things right now, but they comforted me- calmed me down. I closed my eyes and rested my chin on her head.
Someone cleared their throat. We looked up, to see the doctor standing with the others, clipboard in hand, ready with the results.
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