It wouldn't be the Same Without You

Who would've thought a shy girl could steal the heart of funny-boy Louis Tomlinson? He brings out a shining light in her, and they fall harder and harder for each other... Until something tears them apart...


8. Getting to know you

Lily's POV
I laughed as Niall scoffed down yet another slice of pepperoni pizza.
"Slow down, Niall! You'll choke!" I tell him as he reaches for another slice.
"But I'm hungry!" He replies with his mouth full. We both laugh. He swallows his mouthful, and leads me by the hand to the dance floor.
"Let's dance!" He yells. I can't get over his accent. It's so sexy...

We danced for well over an hour. There was non-stop laughing, especially when Niall fell over- twice. I had a sharp pain in my chest from laughing too much.
"Can we go sit down?" I ask him.
"How about a walk instead." He grabs me by the hand again and leads me away, down the dark beach.
"So... Lily..." He said. I loved the way he said my name.
"So..." I didn't want the moment to become awkward.
"Do you want to play twenty questions?" He asks. He stares at me with his big, blue eyes.
"Sure. You go first"
"Last thing you ate?"
Ha! Of course he asked about food.
"Pizza. You were there, you idiot! Last song you listened to?"
"Never Say Never by The Fray. When was the last time you had a shower?"
I laughed.
"This morning. Last girlfriend?"
He stopped abruptly, let go of my hand and stared at his feet, shuffling nervously from one foot to the other. He obviously didn't want to answer.
"You don't have to answer. Forget I asked." I say and start to head back towards the party. He runs after me like a lost puppy, and gets into step beside me. We walked in silence.
"Not for years." He says.
"What?" I reply. I didn't know what he was talking about.
"My last girlfriend," he says, "I haven't properly dated anyone for years." We go into more silence.
"Wow." I finally say. He gives me a puzzled look.
"I mean, you're Niall Horan! How can you not have a girlfriend? You're one of the hottest guys alive right now!" I realized what I had said, and blushed. I looked over at Niall, and he was slightly blushing too.
"I guess I just haven't dated the right girl... Yet."

Eloise's POV
Harry is such a flirt! But so damn irresistible! All I want to do is run my fingers through his brown curls. And his smile... Jeez...
"Eloise?" He had his green eyes set on me.
"Sorry." I reply. It's so easy to lose focus when around him.
I fiddle with the paper cup in my hands, splashing the pink liquid onto my skirt. I hadn't taken a sip of the stuff, although I know Harry had had a few too many. His words were slurring in his mouth, making his deep British accent near impossible to understand. He reaches across the nearby table for another drink, but I reach out and stop him.
"I think you've had enough, Harry." I say, and place his hand back in his lap.
"I just want one more..." He says and tries to reach across again. I grab his hand and hold it in mine to stop him.
"Can't we just sit?" I ask. I want to get to know him, even though I'm sure I know nearly everything about him (thank you Internet).
"Sure." He puts his arm around me and pulls me closer to him. I could smell a mix of cologne and sweat on him. I liked it. It smelt... Familiar... I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, letting sleep take me away.

I opened my eyes, and take in my surroundings. I was spread out across two deck chairs, with a worn leather jacket thrown over me. I glance around and spot Harry, sitting cross- legged in the sand. His eyes were closed, and he was humming to an unfamiliar tune. I cleared my throat, and he popped his eyes open.
"You're awake!" He says eagerly. He seems to have sobered up. He jumps up from the ground and sits at the edge of one of the chairs. I move over and pat the free seat next to me, suggesting he move closer. He scurried closer towards me, putting his arm around me again, before he asks with a laugh;
"Do you like cats?"

Claudia's POV
His hand moved swiftly across the page, leaving magic where it had passed. The shading of the image left deep shadows across his concentrating face. His tongue was sticking out slightly in the corner of his mouth. When he put his pencil down, I studied his work.
"This line work is fantastic! And to use charcoal for this? I never would've thought." I was well aware of his gaze piercing into the back of my head. I leaned over his shoulder a little further and wiped the hair out of my eyes. His drawings really were amazing.
"It's pretty easy, once you get the hang of it. Here let me show you." He grabbed the pencil and handed it to me. His hand resting lightly on top of mine.

My attempt wasn't exactly like Zayn's, but I was proud of my effort. I was too busy concentrating on the warmth his hand left on mine, and his breath in my ear. And, oh god, the stubble on his chin.
"Here you go, Claudia" he said, and handed me a drink.
His brown eyes stayed on me as I leaned back in the chair, and I took a big breath of salty air. He started to smile.
"What?" I said with a laugh. He just shook his head and set his eyes on me again. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out his iPod.
"Come listen with me?" he asked and I moved across to him, sitting so close our arms touched. He started playing a soft tune. He takes my hand and holds it in both of his, and I let his warmth overtake me.

Amy's POV
Liam was gently strumming the guitar, and singing quietly, releasing beautiful music. Apparently Niall isn't the only one who can play. The notes were caught by the wind, and drifted off into the night, leaving just the echo behind. I watched him intently as he concentrated on the instrument. His recent quiff was getting a bit long, and he was gong to need to shave soon. His eyebrows were turned up in the middle as he hit a higher note, and his birthmark was visible above his v-neck t-shirt.
"What would you like me to play?" He asked. I knew straight away what song I wanted him to sing.
"Do you know 'Talk you Down' by The Script?" I ask. I wanted to hear Liam's beautiful voice singing my favourite song. He smiled, then played the song. I closed my eyes and swayed to his voice, losing myself in the music.
Just a cigarette gone
'No you couldn't be that far, I'm driving my car to where I hope you are, Maybe I can talk you down, Maybe I can talk you down, We're standing on a tiny ledge, Before this goes over the edge, Gonna use my heart and not my head, And try to open up your eyes, This is relationship suicide
'Coz if you go, I go...
'Coz if you go, I go...
'Coz if you go, I go...
'Coz if you go, I go...'
"You're pretty good!" he said. I didn't realize I had been singing along, and I blushed.
"Will you sing another song with me?"
I was shocked. He wanted to sing with me? Oh. My. God!
"Sure." I replied, trying to hide my excitement, and he started strumming at the guitar again.
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