It wouldn't be the Same Without You

Who would've thought a shy girl could steal the heart of funny-boy Louis Tomlinson? He brings out a shining light in her, and they fall harder and harder for each other... Until something tears them apart...


27. Darkness

Louis' POV
"Have a seat, Mr Tomlinson." I sit down in the lumpy office chair and look anywhere but the doctors worn out face. He tapped his bony fingers on his wooden desk, then nodded towards the officer in the corner.
"Mr Tomlinson-" the officer began.
"Please call me Louis." I say. I hated being addressed like that. It made me feel old, or like my dad.
"Louis," the officer started again, "This is not an interrogation, we just wanted to double check a few facts." I nodded slowly and relaxed into my seat. I couldn't face questioning at the moment. I just wanted to go back and check on Alesha- if she let me into the room without screaming.
"Ok. Miss Matheson was the one who found Miss Currie, correct?" I nodded my head and tried to force the images of Alesha's still body lying in a pool of her own blood to the back of my mind.
"And the address. No one you have any relations to have ever been to that house?" I shook my head. Why would we go to a run down piece of crap?!
"Has Miss Currie ever taken or handled and drugs or harmful substances before?" I stopped and stared at the pudgy officer, confusion filling me. Alesha? Drugs? No...
"Alesha hates the thought of drugs! Why the hell would you think she's taken something?!" I shout, my voice rising.
The officer looks over to the doctor and shrugs his shoulders, like they had some silent conversation going on. The doctor shook his head then tapped his notepad.
"Can someone just tell me what the hell is going on?" I say through clenched teeth. The doctor sighs.
"It appears that sometime during Miss Currie's encounter with her attacker, she was drugged, leaving her to believe that you were the one who hurt her." So I didn't do anything wrong, it was just the drugs talking. 'Thank God..." I say to myself.
"Why would someone have drugged her?" I ask.
"The drugs used are a,IST commonly used as a cover up, making the used forget certain details of an event." Everything was starting to make sense now.
"How long until this drug wears off?" I couldn't wait for Alesha to be back to her old self, where she didn't scream at me. Where she could let me near her...
"That, Louis, is something I don't know."

Alesha's POV
The rope bound my wrists together, tearing the skin when I tried to break free, letting the warmth of my blood trickle down my arm. The tape over my mouth muffled my screams, even though I knew no one could hear them. The sweat dripped down my face, and I glanced up at the ticking clock on the wall, which was the only other object in this empty, grey room. 11:23pm. He said 11:30. In seven minutes he was coming back. Coming back to finish what he'd started. I let out another muffled scream and thrashed myself from side to side, trying to break free from the ropes- to escape from his prison. The clock ticked again. Two minutes had passed. I gave up thrashing, letting my aching muscles rest... For now. I tried to force my tongue between my closed lips, hoping to push the tape off my mouth, but failed. I looked up at the clock again. 11:27. Three minutes. I yanked my hands slicing deeper into my burning flesh, feeling more blood escape me. I let out a scream to distract me from my pain. Another two minutes past.
I only had a minute- less- until he came back for me. I could be dead by tomorrow, and if not, I could be slowly dying, rotting away in a cold, damp room, where no one would find me. The fear overtook me, causing me to persistently thrash against the ropes. I gave up. i was going to die, I was certain of it. There's no point wasting my time, causing my body more pain then what was to come. I give up. I close my eyes,p and concentrate on the thump, thump, thump of my racing heartbeat, which was soon the stop.
The clock ticked one last time, before I heard the metal door being thrown open an I was faced with his blue-green eyes, and a look of pure satisfactoriness on his smug, smirking face.

(Authors note: this Part is a dream)
I jump up from my sleep, panting deeply. The sweat pouring down my face, just like in my dream. I search every corner, every shadow of the room, looking for his face, gladly finding it not there. My body shakes and I wipe away my spilling tears with the back of my hands. I couldn't stand this darkness. I needed light. He'll find me in the dark. Then he'll hurt me. He'll hurt me like he does in my dreams. The darkness isn't safe...
I lift myself out of bed, ignoring the cries of pain from the new wounds in my chest. I rip the drips out of my arms, letting the machines beep away. I feel my way to the door, my heart thumping as I imagine him lurking in the unseeable corners. My eyes are blurred from my tears, but I ignore them, instead reaching for the door handle. I push it down and step out into the light. The welcoming light. The safeness...
My head starts to spin from my movement, but I keep walking, slowly. I shuffle my feet, staring straight ahead and avoiding the looks from other patients and visitors. My head spins faster, tipping me sideways until I land awkwardly on the floor. I wipe my eyes, clearing them of the still flowing tears. Voices shout around me, but I can't make out a word said. I just sit, rocking slowly back and forth. The voices grow nearer, so near I can't handle it. I scream. I scream and thrash my arms about as my dream floods back, flashing before my eyes. A strong arm wraps around me, lifting me and carries me back to my room- back to the darkness.
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