The American Girl

Kimya, a teenage girl from America has moved all the way to Mullingar, Ireland with her mum. She didn't expect to meet the girl that could almost be the girl of her dreams. [GxG]


2. Chapter 2

Our music assignment was to come up with a song that expressed your feelings and you as a person, but we both disagreed to it. After hours of searching through songs by Marina and The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, and even One Direction we finally chose a song that we both enjoy, Catch Me If You Can by The Millionaires and Jeffree Star. We had to have everything ready by the next day, so she invited me over to stay the night. Getting tired of being cooped up in the tiny roach infested motel, I agreed. Packing an outfit and my hair curler with my school stuff into my backpack.

“So uh, do we have to have choreography and stuff?” Alexandria asked awkwardly, reading over the lyrics. “I don't know. We can just do what feels right, I mean I've never been the dancing type.” I told her, opening up my journal and starting to write down the lyrics. I noticed her smirk in the corner of my eye and quickly write something down, ripping the paper and giving it to me. In her scrawly handwriting it read 'Maybe give them a bit of a show yeah? (;' I gave her a sly grin and wrote back 'We could make that work..' I passed it back, continuing to write down the lyrics, watching the pen tip hit the paper, releasing a black ink in every stroke.

After a while we had decided that we could take a break, putting our stuff away and sitting on the couch, a bowl of popcorn in each of our laps. “So you sure about the whole giving them a show thing? Might get us suspended for a day or two.” She laughed, “I’m sure. Its not that bad, and since I think the teacher might like it a bit too much. Theres too many rumors about him already.” I sighed, “So this is a drama and rumor filled school?” Alex nodded, shoving more popcorn in her mouth. I put my knees up on the couch, moving around a bit to get comfortable. After two movies my popcorn was long gone and I was yawning like crazy. “Hey uh, we never talked about the sleeping arrangements..” I told her, stretching and letting out yet another long yawn. “Oh, you can sleep on my bed. I’ll sleep on the couch. Its fine.” Alex smiled at me. “You sure?” She nodded, waving me off.

I sighed and went to her room, pulling out my headphones and turning on Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. His voice was so soft and calming, it automatically put me to sleep.

I woke up around 6:30, the sound of the shower running. I figured it was just Alex and decided to see if she had anything to eat. I’m pretty sure she did since both her parents were doctors and her house was huge. I rummaged through the cupboards, getting the box of Fruity Pebbles, a bowl, and a spoon. I quickly walked over to the fridge, grabbing the gallon of milk and pouring it into the medium sized thick glass beige bowl, setting down the milk and pouring cereal in it. I ate a bit quickly, waving at Alex as she came down the stairs, dressed in blue white washed shorts and a sleeveless pink shirt. Her hair in a fishtail braid. On her feet she wore a black pair of chucks, double laced. Her backpack hanging off a shoulder and granola bar in hand. “I’m gonna go shower.” I told her and then went up the stairs, getting the outfit I had packed and went in the shower, quickly scrubbing at my skin and my scalp, not noticing the temperature of the water and getting out. I changed into a pair of neon green shorts and a white tank. I looked in the mirror, checking to see if my bra was showing. I smiled when I realized the shirt was thick enough so it didn’t and I went to get my curling iron.
By the time I was finished with my makeup and hair I looked absolutely perfect. Well as perfect as a rachet like me can get.... My pastel pink hair was in ringlets, bright red lipstick tainted my lips, bringing out my pale face. Winged eyeliner at the end of my lids and a tad bit of blush. I put my flats on and left the bathroom, knowing that I had two other pairs of shoes in my gym locker. I grabbed my pink Jansport bag and put my phone in the front pocket, taking the stairs down two at a time. Alex was waiting by the door, her granola bar gone. She smiled at me and opened up the door, following me out. Her house was close enough where we could walk to school and still be early. We met in auditorium, turning in the CD that had the song we were performing on. As the bell rang we parted ways, me going to English and her going to Maths.


Our music class filled the auditorium, I had changed my flats to a pair of neon green vans to match my shorts. A few performances later it was our turn, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat, running up to the stage and grabbing two mics, handing one to me. I giggled at her excitedness and gave the tech guy at the DJ stand a thumbs up, signalling for him to play the music. I looked at Alex and she gave me a reassuring smile. I put the microphone to my lips and began the song with Alex.

I've got you blowing up my phone
and I know that you're looking right
if I let you walk me home
you know i'll let you stay the night.

Touch me up and touch me down
shut your mouth dont make a sound
Got my lipstick on your collar
you can bet your bottom dollar you will,

stay the night
stay the night oh oh
stay the night
stay the night.

Alex and I danced around, coming a bit close to eachother as the lyrics ‘Touch me up and touch me down.’ Came out of our lips. Sweat finally forming on our bodies we continued.

So lets just skip the small talk
don't mean to be a prick.
Now lets get down to business,
all I need to taste is your lips.

Drink and dancing,
what I want.
Take your clothes off
lets get it on
because i'm feeling lonely
you know its true.
Lets get naughty
and I want you to
Stay the night.
Stay the night, oh, oh,
Stay the night.
Stay the night.

Wolf whistles came from the hormonal teenage boys in the class as we lifted eachothers shirts enough to show our belly buttons, putting them down seconds later after grinning wide at eachother.

At first we were just flirting,
now we're getting down and dirty.
Make it rough make it tough
til you leave at 7:30.

So if you get me drunk
my uh will shut you up.
We'll go down
on the ground
play around.

Alex turned around and grinded into me a bit. I giggled, not expecting it.

Lets get it on,
because i'm feeling lonely.
You know its true.
Lets get naughty
and I want you to
stay the night.
Stay the night oh, oh,
stay the night.
stay the night

As we finished the song Alex’s soft lips met mine, even though they left as quick as they came I could feel the butterflies running through my stomach and it left my fingertips and toes tingling.

“Excuse me!” We both turned around to meet the principal's eyes.
Alex looked at me and mouthed, “We’re screwed, bro.”

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