The American Girl

Kimya, a teenage girl from America has moved all the way to Mullingar, Ireland with her mum. She didn't expect to meet the girl that could almost be the girl of her dreams. [GxG]


1. Chapter 1

I sighed, stepping out of my bed and walking to the shower. Today was my first day of school in the lovely town of Mullingar, Ireland. How nice! Note my sarcasm. The tiles in the shit motel were cracked and cold, the cracks hurting my feet as I walked along it, shivering slightly. I turned the knob on the right side of the shower, making steaming hot water shoot out of the water damaged shower head. I stripped of my pyjamas and stepped in the water, letting out a moan as it worked all of the small kinks in my back from the lumpy couch. I washed my hair and my body quickly, knowing I only had so much time to get ready.

I threw my dirty pyjamas in the hamper, reminding myself to tell my mum that we'll have to make a stop at the laundry mat soon. I brushed the almost painful knots out of my pin straight pastel pink hair. The one window in the tiny motel had the blinds were wide open, letting bright rays of sun into the living and dining room. I went into the one bedroom, rummaging through the old wooden dresser, pulling put a pair of black skinny jeans that I had cut to make short shorts along with a pair of underwear, a bra, and and a tight black Millionaires t-shirt.  I put on my only pair of flats, the My Little Pony ones that I have always loved even if it seemed childish. I guess that is just how I am. I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder. Leaving my mum a note telling her I was off to school and the hamper was full. Mullingar was surprisingly really cold in the fall, it was weird compared to the blazing Arizona heat I was used to. I walked slowly to the white wooden bench, waiting for the bus. After a few minutes another girl joined me, she had black skinny jeans on with a plain black long sleeved sweater, along with tightly knotted combat boots and her hair was up in a ‘messy’ bun. I gave her a wave and a small smile, she gave me a small wave and nasty look. Well.

I stood up as the black tired made a squealing sound, the bus stopping and glass doors opening. I looked along the two rows of seats, deciding to sit in the very back. Before I could sit down the bus started moving, a girl across the seat from the one I made my way to giggled, "New here aren't you?" She had the 'bad girl' look going on with just a tad bit of slutty-ness. Her outfit consisted of black short shorts, combat boots, and a sleeveless 'TOO HOT' white tank top. You were able to see her blue bra through the thin material. "Yeah." She gave me a slight smile, “You’ll get used to it after a while. I’m Ashleigh by the way.” She quickly stood up and sat next to me. “I’m Kimya..” I trailed off and we both stood up as the bus slowed down to a stop at the school. “Well uhm, we can exchange schedules and then at lunch we can meet up? I’m pretty sure you have no idea where to sit.” I nodded and followed behind her off the bus. I pulled out my schedule as she sat down in the grass under a tree, leaves surrounding it. “Here.” She handed me her schedule, the wind was whipping back her flowy black hair, allowing me to view her crystal clear blue eyes. I skimmed our schedules, smiling to myself as I realized we both had the exact same classes.

I sat in the very back of the class, 5th period to be exact. Ashleigh had been assigned up front for her record of ‘bad’ behavior. The teacher, Mr. Erks were making us do one of those ‘get to know you’ games. We each had to write down three truths and a lie about ourselves. On my paper I had ‘Originally from Arizona’, ‘Enjoys Pizza’, ‘Doesn’t like most people’, and ‘Enjoys being active’ written down. I’m pretty sure you would be able to pick out the lie. As Mr. Erks got to me, he realised he didn’t know my name. “You, with the pink hair.” I smiled slightly, standing up. “Erm its Kimya, sir.” He nodded, “Alright go on then.” I sighed, reading out the 4 things aloud. Ashleigh raised her hand, smiling at me. Mr. Erks let her go. “Well the three truths are obviously that you’re an American, lovely accent by the way. Um, Enjoys pizza, and doesn’t like most people..?” I nodded and sat back down right as the bell rang. I was the first one out the door, feeling the stares right after Ashleigh pointed out that I was American. Jesus Christ, its like Americans here are the most fascinating things. We’re really not. I pushed through several people, bumping into the concrete walls every once in a while. I inhaled deeply as I got out the door, even though it sounds weird I loves the smell of rain just waiting to fall from the clouds. I walked to the cafeteria, entering the cold building sent a shiver down my spine. I craned my neck, looking for Ashleigh. Failing to find her I waited in line, getting a can of Pepsi X and a cookie. There wasn’t anything good to eat, never was at school. I sat at one of the tables, eating bits and pieces of my cookie. It bothered me that Ashleigh didn’t come to lunch with me, she seemed like a really nice girl. I looked up to find a blonde girl with huge tits standing above me, she was in a crop top, hot pink five inch heels, shorts, and way too much lipgloss. I smiled at her with a fake sweetness, “And who must you be, Miss slut of the century?” She laughed nasally, “You must not know who I am. Well hunny, i’m Clarissa, and I would like to let you know that this is my table.” I laughed in her face, “Too bad i’m sitting here. Oh and i’m Kimya.” She huffed, obviously not having anything to say. I watched her walk off, three girls following behind her.

Another girl came up to the table, I realised she was wearing the exact same thing as me. Her hair was half red and half blue, her bangs swept to the side. I smiled up at her as she sat down. “Hey, you’re that American girl right?” Her accent was amazingly thick, while her voice was amazingly cheery. Everything about her seemed to light up. “I’m Alexandria, but you can call me Alex.” I recognized her from my music class. “So um, I was wondering if you wanted to work on the project in music with me?” I nodded at her, trying not to seem so eager.

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