I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

Kira and her 3 friends go on a trip to L.A. She meets a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent and unbelievable blue eyes on the plane ride there. They hit it off immediately and Kira thinks she might even be in love. Read to see what happens next in this fanfic about the perfect Niall James Horan.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter Four     Kira's P.O.V.     He stared into my eyes and it felt like he was looking into my soul. His eyes were beautiful. They were kind of an ocean-after-a-storm blue, but brighter. I felt like I just wanted to get up and kiss him. I wanted to be closer to him. I blushed and looked down at my hands in my lap, then looked back up to him still staring at me and smiled at him.   He smiled back adorably and winked. I just about melted right there.   "Oh my god" I said. "He's just too perfect" I said while grinning. "Okay you're defiantly getting his number Kira, you haven't smiled this much in forever!" Hanna said.   "Yeah.. I know" I said, smiling like crazy. I had butterflies and I felt like I wanted to scream. "D'awwee" Jayde said while smiling at me like I was a newborn baby or something.   "I haven't felt this happy since... Austin.." I said, remembering my ex boyfriend. We were together for 7 months, but I found out he was cheating on me and I immediately broke up with him. It was the worst heartbreak I've ever felt. I loved him.   "Hey Kira, don't think about him, that's in the past, he's gone now" Jayde said. He moved to Florida 3 months after we broke up so, Jayde was right, he's gone. I don't ever have to worry about him again. "Okay.." I said and nodded.   But then I looked up and saw Niall and suddenly felt ten times better. I smiled to myself and hugged Jayde and Hanna, then went back to my seat. We only had an hour left on the flight. I decided I would creep on Rhiannon and Louis.     * * *     I stood overtop of them who were talking and Rhiannon was blushing. Louis looked right into Rhiannon's eyes and they were like that for about a minute. I leaned forward more so I was almost in betweenk their faces and said "Hi" with a cheesy smile.   "I'm gonna kill you Kira" Rhiannon said without even looking at me.   "Naww you love me too much!" I said. Louis was probably annoyed with me right now but I didn't care. "I'm not too sure about that" Rhiannon said to me.   "Are you saying you don't love me?" I said over dramatically. "Yes" Rhiannon said with a straight face. "Oh, I see how it is" I said and sat back down in my seat with my arms crossed before cracking up laughing like an insane person.   "Sorry I'm weird" I said in between laughs. "Normal is overrated" Niall said, who was now sitting next to me. I didn't even notice he was there.   I blushed and he said "It was entertaining anyway" with a laugh.   "I'm bored" I huffed. "Me too" Niall said. "Where's the food?" I groaned.   Louis turned around and said to Niall "Holy crap she's perfect for you!" Both Niall and I blushed. I assumed it was payback for me interrupting Louis and Rhiannon's moment. "But really, do we have any food?" I asked. "I don't think so. We're landing soon so I don't think they're giving out food anymore." Niall said   . "That's stupid" I said. "Yeah, I know" Niall sighed. "I'm tired" I said. I wanted to get off the plane. I was starting to feel claustrophobic.   "Sleep then" Niall said softly. "But we're landing soon" I said. "I'll wake you" he said with a soft smile as he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his chest. I Immediatly felt safe and comforted. It was hard not to fall asleep like this, so I drifted off.     Niall's P.O.V.     Kira was snuggled into my chest and I had my arm around her. It felt so natural. It didn't feel weird or uncomfortable. I didn't know if we were going too fast, but everything felt right. We weren't even together. Yet.   I was studying her face as she slept. She's absolutely beautiful to me. I wanted her to be mine. Then I heard a click and giggling.   I looked up to see Louis taking a picture of me and Rhiannon giggling beside him .   "Sorry. I just had to. You guys look so cute" Louis said. I smiled and said "It's fine, just don't put it on twitter. I don't want the fans freaking out okay?"   "Sure mate" Louis said with a smile. I sighed in content and looked back down to Kira. She looked so peaceful. Then the seat belt light lit up, so I gently shook her to wake her up. "Kira, we're landing now, you have to put your seatbelt on" I said to her.   "Ermm okay.." she said, waking up and rubbing her eyes. She put her seatbelt on and turned and smiled at me. I smiled back.     * * *     After we landed and everybody started getting out of their seats, I decided it was time to ask her.   "So.. Kira.. Can I have your number?" I said with a smile.   She smiled hugely and said "Yeah, I was actually just about to ask you the same thing" we exchanged numbers and I helped her get her stuff out of the overhead compartment just as I helped her put her stuff in there when we first met.   It seems like forever ago. We walked out of the airplane together and said goodbye to each other. "Text me alright?" I said to her as she was walking away. "Of course" she said with a smile.    
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