I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

Kira and her 3 friends go on a trip to L.A. She meets a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent and unbelievable blue eyes on the plane ride there. They hit it off immediately and Kira thinks she might even be in love. Read to see what happens next in this fanfic about the perfect Niall James Horan.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter Three


    Kira's P.O.V.


  I woke up with my head on Niall's shoulder. I sat up quickly while my cheeks were burning red.   "You're finally awake!" he said.

"Oh umm.. How long was I asleep?" I said trying to hide the blush on my cheeks.

   "Oh I don't know... I woke up about an hour and a half ago and you were asleep on my shoulder. I didn't want to wake you.. So I just let you sleep" Niall said with a light smile.

Oh god. He was awake an hour and 30 minutes with me sleeping on his shoulder. This was so awkward.

  "So umm.. How many hours left on the flight? I asked. "About 4 I think.. And you're cute when you blush"

  Niall said with a smirk. Holy crap. Was he flirting with me? I awkwardly laughed and smirked at him.   Then I realized how much I had to pee. I stood up and said to Niall "Excuse me" with a small smile.   He smiled back and got up and gestured down the aisle and did a little bow. I giggled and walked to the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom Hanna was sleeping and Jayde was listening to music just about to drift off.

  I went over to my seat and Niall was chatting with Liam. He looked back to me and smiled his heart-melting smile.

  I smiled back lightly and sat down. He came over and sat down in his seat.

"So, I don't know much about you, why don't we play the question game?" he said.

"Okay sure you start" I said with a smile. "Ummm.. What's your favorite color?" he asked. "Blue" I said.

   "Blue is my favorite color too!" he said grinning.

"What's your favorite food?" Niall asked. "Hmmm.. That's a hard one.. I love all foods!" I said with a laugh.

  "I love you already!" Niall laughed. I could feel my cheeks burning at his words.

"Oh I feel so special now!" I said half-joking half-serious. Niall chuckled at me and smirked.

  I could feel my cheeks getting redder by the second. Just then Rhiannon turned around and said "Oh look who's blushing!" with a wink.

   "Oh god stop it Rhiannon!" I said with a little laugh as I put my head in my hands in attempt to hide my red cheeks.

  Niall put his arm around me and pulled me close to him as he whispered in my ear "Ignore her, I blush easily too" he said with a small smile.

   His Irish accent was killing me. "Oh do you?" I said with a smirk. I decided I was going to flirt back.   "Haha yeah I do" he said with a wink. I leaned in dangerously close to his face and bit my lip. My face was only inches away from his. I winked and swiftly got up from my seat as he blushed.   Oh my god, he's so adorable when he blushes.

Satisfied, I crossed the aisle to Hanna and Jayde who were talking to each other.

"Hey guys" I said with a smile. "Hey Kira" they said together through small laughs.

"Oh god am I still blushing?" I asked. "Yes. You're defiantly blushing" Jayde said while laughing.   I put my head in my hands, embarrassed because of my still burning cheeks.

  "Come here" Hanna said as she held out her arms to me, gesturing me to come sit with them.   I squeezed my butt in the seat with Hanna as Jayde said "Talk. We've been watching you and Niall over there almost the whole flight" with a small smile.

  "You guys are creepers" I said while laughing.

"Okay so you know that he's in the band One Direction right?" I asked.

"Yeah Rhiannon told us all about them when you were sleeping on Niall's shoulder. You guys were like that for about 3 hours" Hanna said while smirking.

  I blushed and looked over to see where Niall was before I said anything else. He was talking to Liam and Zayn so I was good.

"So.. He's really hot and Irish and he's flirted with me a few times.. And he said he loved me.. But in a joking way.. Cause I said I love all foods" I said with a chuckle and bit my lip trying to hide the ridiculously huge grin that was threatening to appear on my face.

"D'awwweee Kira likes Niall!" Jayde said as she poked my stomach. I smiled and looked down at my fingers.

  She was right, I did like Niall. And I've only known him for about 5 hours. I always fall for people too fast, always have.

"Yeah.. I like him" I admitted with a small smile.

"So what are you gonna do?" Hanna asked. "What do you mean?" I asked.

  "I mean get his number before we get off this plane!" Hanna said. "Okay, okay.. I'll get his number" I said with a grin and Hanna and Jayde both said "Yaaayy!" as they hugged me.   I decided I would sit with them for a little while since I hadn't talked to them at all during the flight and Niall was still talking to Zayn and Liam.


  Niall's P.O.V.


  Kira's so cute when she blushes. I put my arm around her shoulders and whispered in her ear "Ignore her, I blush easily too".

Her hair smelled like coconuts and vanilla. I know, weird combination but it smelled so good.

  She smiled at me and said "Oh do you?" with a smirk. I could tell she was trying to flirt, so I flirted back.

"Haha yeah I do" I said with a wink. Then suddenly she was inches away from my face, biting her lip and smirking. She was so close to my face that if i moved forward an inch our lips would meet.

I felt my heartbeat quicken and my cheeks began to burn. She winked and quickly got up from her seat to go to Jayde and Hanna.

No girl has ever made me blush like that before. I sighed and got up to talk to Liam and Zayn. "Hey" I said to them.

"I saw that over there" Liam said with a smirk.   "Yeah, what was that Niall?" Zayn asked. "I honestly don't know myself" I said.

"Well do you like her?" Liam asked me. Did I like her? She was gorgeous and had a great personality and we had flirted a few times. I noticed my heartbeat quicken again at the thought of Kira.

"Yeah... Yeah I think I do" I said. "Well lets talk about it" Zayn said with a small smile.

  "Okay" I said. "Do you have anything in common?" Liam asked. "Yeah we have the same favorite color and she loves food" I said while smiling.

  "Well why don't you talk to her more, okay?" Liam said. "And get her number!" Zayn said with a wink.   I laughed and looked back at Kira, who was talking to Hanna and Jayde.

  God, she was adorable. With her slight dimple in her left cheek and her long brown hair, sometimes-brown-sometimes-green and in between eyes that twinkle with everything she does.

  It seemed like she had been smiling the whole flight. Just then she looked up and our eyes met.

I stared into her brown/green eyes and she stared into my blue ones.

She blushed and looked down then looked back up, smiling cutely. I smiled back and winked at her before turning my attention back to Zayn and Liam.

  "By looks of it, I think you like her a lot" Zayn said.

"Yeah, I haven't seen you like this in ages" Liam said to me. He was right. I felt something when I looked at Kira. My stomach did little flips and I couldn't help but smile. I knew I liked her. A lot. I've only known her for almost 5 hours but it felt like forever. She was special. I could tell.    


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