I'm In Love With You And All Your Little Things

Kira and her 3 friends go on a trip to L.A. She meets a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent and unbelievable blue eyes on the plane ride there. They hit it off immediately and Kira thinks she might even be in love. Read to see what happens next in this fanfic about the perfect Niall James Horan.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter One    

Kira's P.O.V.  

I woke up to my alarm screeching in my ears. My mom yelled at me to wake up and turn my alarm off.

  It was a Saturday morning in early July and I didn't want to get out of bed, I stayed up till 4:30 am and its 8:00 am.

My sleeping schedule has always been messed up, but I knew I had to be at the dance studio in an hour so I forced myself out of bed.

  I've been dancing since I was three years old and from the minute I stepped into that dance room I absolutely loved it. Dance is my passion and I hope to someday do it professionally.

  I didn't even bother to eat breakfast cause I knew I would end up being late if I did. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, got dressed and put my hair up in a bun and headed out the door.  

I'm sixteen and got my drivers license a few weeks ago after my birthday in June. I drove to dance and got there 2 minutes early. I walked in the door and got completely attacked with a giant bear hug from my best friend Rhiannon.

  We've been friends for 7 years and she's practically my sister, I can tell her anything. All our friends say we have a "brahmance".  

"Hello my love" Rhiannon said. "Hi there" I said and kissed her on the cheek and went to hug my other best friends Jayde and Hanna

"Guuuyyss I missed you so much!" I said as I tackled them with hugs. We hadn't seen each other in 3 weeks.  

"How have you been?" Jayde asked. "I've been good, how about you?" I asked.  

"I've been great except for the fact that I missed you!" Jayde said with a smile.  

"Oh! guys I have great news!" I exclaimed with a huge smile.   "What is it?!" they all said together with excited faces.  

"Time for class girls! Stop dilly dallying and get into class!" our ballet teacher Ms. Deborah said.   "I'll tell you guys later okay?" I said to Rhiannon, Jayde and Hanna. "Okay" they all nodded. I couldn't wait to tell them, I was exploding with excitement.  

I couldn't concentrate the whole class, plus Rhiannon kept making funny faces at me and making me laugh, causing us to get in trouble. Again. This happens almost every class. I'm surprised Ms. Deborah hasn't told us to get out of class for being immature yet.  


  * * *    


When class was over we had a 15 minute break before our next class, so I decided to tell them.   I took them outside so we wouldn't get yelled at for screaming and being loud.

  "Okay so.... WE'RE GOING TO CALIFORNIA!!!" I screamed.

  We've all lived in Maryland our whole lives and I've only been to the surrounding states. Their faces were priceless. Looks of confusion, excitement and surprise were all over their faces.

  "HOLY CRAP are you serious!?!?!?" Hanna screamed.  

"YES!! We're going tuesday morning and staying till the end of August!!" I said.

  "So we're gonna be there for my birthday!?" Rhiannon exclaimed. Her birthday is on the 13th of July.   "Yup!!! And Hanna's too!" I said with a smile

. Hanna's birthday is on August 17th   "OH MY GOD YOU'RE THE BEST!!" Hanna screamed as they all attacked me with hugs.  

After we got done hugging and screaming Jayde asked "Are we going alone? Are our parents okay with it?"  

"Yep!! We're going alone and I already talked to all your parents months ago!" I said.  

"So how long has this been planned?" Rhiannon asked.   "Umm.. About 2 months" I said with a grin.

"Why exactly are we going though?" Hanna asked.   "Well we're going to a dance convention and taking a few classes there but also because I love you guys so much!" I say.  

"Did you already buy the plane tickets?" Jayde asked. "Well each of your parents paid for your tickets" I said with a smile.  

"Oh my god this is amazing! I can't believe this!" Rhiannon said.   "I know!! I'm so excited!!!" I squeaked.  

"So what part of Cali are we going to?" Hanna asked. "L.A." I said, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.  

Our break was almost over so I told them we should probably go back inside and they all agreed. None of us could concentrate in our next class because we were thinking about the trip.


    Rhiannon's P.O.V.  


I couldn't believe this. I mean I've been to California before because my moms side of the family live there but going with just Kira, Hanna and Jayde is so different.  

We're going to have so much fun, I can't wait! After dance Kira drove me home. "I'm surprised my mom actually agreed to let me go!" I said to Kira in the car.  

"I'm surprised anyone's mom agreed! I didn't think any of this would work out but I guess we got lucky!" she said with a smile.  

When we got to my house I asked her if she wanted to come in and she said "Sure if you have food!" Hah. Typical Kira.  

We went in and my mom said hi to Kira and gave her a hug. "So how was dance ladies?" my mom asked.  

"Great!" I said. "I told them about Cali" Kira said with a grin.

"Oh good! Are you guys excited?" my mom asked "OF COURSE!" I said.  

My mom laughed and asked Kira if she wanted anything and Kira asked "Do you have any food?"   "Well there's some pizza from lunch in the fridge. You're welcome to have it" my mom told Kira.   "Awe thanks" Kira said as she opened the fridge.  

"So I was just saying to Kira that I'm surprised you're letting me go to Cali! I mean Kira's 16 and the rest of us are only 15 and I'll be missing my birthday!" I said to my mom.  

"Well I figured it could be a birthday present for you and I think you deserve a break" she said with a big smile.

  "Thank you so much for letting me go mom" I said with a smile and then hugged her.  

"You're welcome bunny girl!" she said. I smirked at the nickname I was given as a child.  

"But what about dance? We would be missing almost 2 months of dance!" I said.   "well we talked to all your teachers before we bought the plane tickets and they seemed fine with it" my mom said.   "Well that's weird, I didn't think they would let us!" I said. "yeah I was surprised too!" she said.  

"Well I should get going now! Bye Rhiannon" Kira said and hugged me and my mom.  

"Bye Kira! I love you!" I said. "I love you too!" Kira said.  

After Kira was gone my mom told me that she got out my suitcase for me and that I could start packing if I wanted to. I smiled and thanked her again before going upstairs.


  Kira's P.O.V.  


I said goodbye to Rhiannon and her mom, Rita, then went out the door and started driving home.

  I was bored so I put on the radio. "And now the most requested song today, What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction!" the radio guy said.

  "Weird" I said to myself. "I've never heard this song before.."   I liked it. It was catchy and they had good voices.

  Once I got home I took a shower, ate dinner then went straight to bed. We were leaving in 3 days so tomorrow would be packing day!    

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