Confused and Enchanted

"Congratulations, Amanda Foster. You are chosen to study at Audrey Gordon Academy."

WTF?! Is this a dream, pinch me!

"You are a student of Audrey Gordon, so don't be stupid! Get up!"

"Go on, be yourself. Here.."

Alright who are those guys ? :S


1. You are chosen! *Editedx

-AGA *

Man, I think I'm dreaming.

"Your life is like a Korean movie," said my aunt. "Full of unexpected events."

Not bragging - but seriously, she's right. John Travolta followed me in Twitter and Jeniffer Lopez like my status in Facebook.

IJK. That thing won't happen LMFAO. Only dumbheads believed that.

My aunt really REALLY like to expand stories. Duhh. She was eating those Skittles while watching Smash in Diva. Well, once I study at AGA, I will never - ever watch that Ladies' Night show. Dem dem dem!

I wanna sign my aunt in How Do I Look because she wore pink blazers with orange and blue polka dots bow. Right, it's hideous.

#Flashbacons :)

I sat tight on the chair, while my eyes were glued to the floor. Yeah, I'm kinda freaking out right now. With this old man in front of me smiling really wide. My headmaster should be scared, coz I'm the only creature on the universe who know his secret.

My headmaster coughed, "ekhem." I tried to be brave and face him.

"Well, young lady of course I called you because I have something to let you know," he talked with a loud voice. He sounded like Tenzin in the Legend Of Korra show.

"But firstly, please please pretty please with a cherry on top don't let ANYONE know about I played the Wonderpets game on" he begged me, but c'mon he looked like a hobo to me. By the way, his room smelled wreck. He blinked his eyes with a top speed, and he annoyed me. But wait a sec-

"I thought you played the Dora The Explorer game?" I asked. This is interesting and damn humiliating. If I just could tell other guys about him, I'll be legendaryyy :DD

"Yea- about that. Just drop it and never ever say never ever talk never don't please never talk about it or even mention it," the headmaster took a deep breath. He then opened the files on his desk and just flipped thru the paper.

"Congrats, Amanda Foster, you are chosen to study at Audrey Gordon's Academy!"

Is this a dream, will somebody pinch me?? ;x

So Audrey is not only a brand of underwear after all :)


#Amanda's POV

And the flashback ended. I took a look at the window, just wondering if mom ever come to celebrate or at least say goodbye.

"Beep boop beep."

I looked back and my "beloved" aunt seemed to stare at her phone, and a smile spread. "You know, your mom just text me! She said 'Congrats my darling, ILY.. I maybe go home in June.. Your birthday. I'm proud of you!' See?" My aunt looked very happy. Yeah, my mom only communicates with her monthly. 

"My birthday is on May. Not June. That's enough to prove that she's not so paying attention in what I achieved," I said sadly. Mom just focused on her work, work, work. The last time she came back here is last year, with worn out jeans, swollen eyes and I heart Las Vegas t-shirt with black jacket. And she used purple lipstick. PURPLE, PURPLE!!

"That is absolutely wrong," she replied sternly until I was a lil bit scared. "She loves you."


"By the way, at least your mom said something. What about your dad? Did he send you something?"

Alright, this kinda went too far. I ran to my room and slammed the door. Just hope that my aunt felt offended or sorry to say that.


#Lets preview her aunt's POV.

This is bad. !@#$ it.. I shouldn't say that.. Stupid you, Trina. You see, your niece is now crying. Just GTFO and say sorry! -Bright side.

Wha- WHAT? C'mon.. she's already big enough to think, Trina. If you keep baby her, she will grow up to no one. You want that to happen? -Dark side.

You know her? If she's mad she'll never eat for two days. You want her to die?? -Bright side.

Seriously, that is going to far. Well, I think I'm the bright side now. -Dark side.

You think being a bright side is great and easy?? I took nine interviews!! -Bright side.

Okay Trina, think big and positive like you always do. (?) *Deng doung*.

~Trina went to the door and opened it. Of course she open it you think she close a door which is already closed?~

"A delivery for A-manda Will Foster!" said the postman, looking really exhausted.

==#Amanda's POV

I heard that! I raced downstairs.

#Sneak preview brief Chap2 C & E.

"Who is 1 Direction?"

"Get up and be strong."

"You just an ordinary girl from ordinary place from ordinary school. Respect us, dweeb."

#Disclaimer's note__________________________________________________________

This kinda boring. xD but relax, it just the beginning. I'll add some thrills.

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