Infinity And Beyond (One Direction isnt famous yet)

Alex moved to England with her dad because her mom died from cancer. She moved to a new school and met Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis. Alex ends up falling for 2 guys but cant decide which to choose.

Who will Alex choose?


3. The Song and Crushes?

Alex's POV

I woke up and it was only 10:00 am. So i stood up and took a shower, brush my teeth and get ready for today. This will be a really long break but its only 2 weeks long but pretty long to me. I just wore some black skinny jeans then my favorite shirt that said "food lover <3" I customized it myself. I checked the time and it was 11:00 am.

I ate breakfast and watched tv until i heard knocking and loud talking. I opened the door and see the boys. "Hey Alex" They all said. "Hey guys, come on in" They came in and was amazed on how big my house was. Yeah, my mom was rich but she died so all the money was my dad's and I. Later, we got started.

~5 hours later~ 6:00 am.

Finally, the song was already half way done. So we just took break and finish it another day since its coming up next month. We just hanged out and get to know each more better. "So lets get to know each other more better" Harry winked at me. "Hahaha, okay then. Just ask me any questions then ill answer it" I told them and they all took turns asking me questions. 

"Have you ever written any other songs?" Liam asked me with a smile. "Yeah i have. I have a song book." i told them. "Oooh, can we heard some?" The boys begged me. "Of course not, they are pretty personal" "Aww, okay then. Okay, Harry's turn" Niall said. "Okay. Do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked me with a grin. "Uhm, No i dont" I said. They all gasped. "What? Is it wrong to have no boyfriend?" I asked them and laugh a little. "But your really beautiful and any guy would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend" I heard Zayn said to me.

That made me blush a lot so i looked at the ground hiding my face but it didnt work. "Aww, look she's blushing" I heard Louis yelling. The guys laughed and they said "Aww, so cute how you blush"  That made me blush more "Shut up guys, your making me red as a baboon's butt" They all laughed "Be right back, got to use the bathroom. I got up and went upstairs to use the bathroom.

Liam's POV

I could tell that all the guys are in love with Alex. The way they looked at her, time to mess around with them. "Hey guys, what do you guys think of Alex?" I asked the lads with a wide smile making me look pretty goofy. "She's pretty cool and stuff." Harry said. All the other guys agree then i said "Oh come on, i know all of you guys fancy her" "Yes we do" All the other guys said. I laughed "Wow, so which one of you guys will get her?" I asked them still laughing. They all looked at each other then started arguing, shouting me at each others faces.

Then Alex comes in and all the guys stops and sits really quickly like nothing happened.

Alex's POV

When i got out of the bathroom, i heard the guys talking. "Hey guys, what do you guys think of Alex?" Liam asked the guys. "She's pretty cool and stuff." Harry said. All the other guys agree then Liam said "Oh come on, i know all of you guys fancy her" "Yes we do" All the other guys said. Then i heard Liam laughing "Wow, so which one of you guys will get her?"

I was shocked. Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis likes me? Oh no. They are gonna make me choose. Later, i heard the guys arguing about who gets to date me. Wow, they desperate. When i walked into the living room, the lads sat down quickly and settled down like nothing happen. Also i pretended that i never heard what they said.

It was getting late, the guys went home so now im in the living room alone. The guys likes me? But i barely know them and they already like me? I think i should talk to Liam about this since he's the only one with a girlfriend so of course he doesnt like me. I think tomorrow ill invite him over and hopefully he wouldnt invite the boys.

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