Infinity And Beyond (One Direction isnt famous yet)

Alex moved to England with her dad because her mom died from cancer. She moved to a new school and met Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis. Alex ends up falling for 2 guys but cant decide which to choose.

Who will Alex choose?


2. Home Alone And A Talent Competition?

Alex's POV

Me and Niall went to an Ice cream Shop. Later, he left because him and the boys had to do something but i never really bother asking. Before he left, He asked for my number and im actually happy i did. I applied a job at Starbucks, part time only cause i really need money. Now im just heading home really tired from work.

"Hey Honey, Any luck on getting a job?" My dad asked me. "Yeah, I applied at Starbucks" "Good, I have to go on a business trip for a year. Sorry Hun" He said while hugging me. "Business trip for a year? So i have to try pay rent for 12 months?" I looked at him, He knows that im shocked and all. "Yes sweetie, Im really sorry. I have to go tomorrow morning at 4. Be a good girl while im gone." I just nodded and left to my room so that he can finish packing.

Im gonna be home alone? For a year? Can i take care of myself? Too much question started to wander through my head. So I took a shower to calm down, i stood in the shower for 20 minutes while the nice hot water hit my skin. I wore my sweatpants and tanktop that said Obey. When i went to my room then my iphone buzzed. I looked at it, it was a text message from Niall. "Hey Alex, Its Niall. I was wondering if you wanna hang out tomorrow with me and the lads." I replied "Sorry, maybe next time. I have a job to go to tomorrow. I felt bad that i had to say no to him. I fell asleep with my guiltiness from saying no to him.

 I woke up with my alarm going off. I took a shower and got dress into black skinny jeans with a nice blue plaid shirt with your sleeves up with a white tanktop inside. I decide to just wear toms since im just going to work and probably just go study.

I got to work and it was actually pretty good. Made a lot of tips and my boss Riley was now my new best friend. We might have kinda talked throughout 2 hours. Later she had to do some work, also I until I saw Niall and Harry.

"Hey Alex, I didnt know you worked here" Harry said as him and Niall approached me. "Well, i actually started yesterday after hanging out with Niall. I looked at him and he gave me a really cute smile showing his braces. He is really adorable, i think im actually falling for him. "Haha, well. I see why you said no now""Sorry, my mom is going on a business trip for a year so i gotta pay rent for the house and stuff" "We can help out" Harry said showing off his dimples. "No, i cant let you guys do that for me. Its my responsibility, not yours." "Okay then, whatever you say" They both ordered, payed and went off.

~Time skip~

I was finally home.... alone.... this was actually boring without my dad. It was the weekends so i decided to check the school website if there's anything coming up. When i looked at the main site, i was that there's a talent competition coming up next month. Should I enter? I have horrible stage fright so i probably wouldnt. But the prize is a record deal. Omn, should I?

I wondered throughout almost the whole night until my thoughts were interrupted by my phone. Its a text from Niall. "Hey, Are you planning on entering that talent competition?" "Um..... Im actually thinking about it. I really have horrible stage fright but the prize is a record label. Probably everyone is going to compete." I replied. Minutes later my phone buzzed. "Well, maybe i can help you get rid of your stage fright :)" I kinda laughed cause he wanted to help me? Haha, such a silly guy. "Um... or? I can help you :)" "Help me with what?" "Make a original song for you to compete" "Thanks Alex, Can the guys join in? They are begging me right now." "Of course, i would mind. Come over tomorrow at 1 and we'll get started. I might write some lyrics tonight." "K thanks Alex. Your the best. I gotta go Love Good night Sweet Dreams xx" "Night Nialler" 

I started writing a few lyrics. I called the song "What Makes You Beautiful" I thought it was really original, so i got started.

Your insecure, dont know what for. Your turning heads when you walk through the door. Dont need--

I stopped and checked the time and it was 1 in the morning. I changed into my pyjamas and went to sleep.

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