Infinity And Beyond (One Direction isnt famous yet)

Alex moved to England with her dad because her mom died from cancer. She moved to a new school and met Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis. Alex ends up falling for 2 guys but cant decide which to choose.

Who will Alex choose?


1. First Day Of A Brand New School

Alex's POV

Today is the first day of a brand new school. Ugh, i really miss my old school and my friends. I dont even know anyone here so today should be interesting. I woke up, did my morning routine which was take a shower, brush my teeth then change. I looked through my closet for nice clothing. Since today is my first day, I want to have a good first impression. So i wore a blue floral dress with black skinny jeans under it then wore my purple high tops from converse. Then curled my brown hair and decided to not put any makeup. I took a last look in the mirror and went downstairs.

I saw my dad eating on the dinner table. So i grabbed a plate and started eating pancakes. "Morning love" "Morning dad" Today was pretty chilly here in England, My dad is British and i came from America. I first lived with my mom until she pasted away from cancer, so i had to live with my dad until i have enough money to buy my own place. I started getting a British accent from my dad, i only stayed here for like a few weeks and im already getting a British accent.

After i was done eating, i grabbed my bag. Head out the door and said "Bye dad, after school ill be out for awhile" "Okay sweetheart, be careful" He told me as he approached me and kissed my forehead. He was a really great dad, he has a really famous record label. He makes celebrities, i never really met some, well of course i recently met a few and it was really exciting.

Later when i reached my brand new school. There was a lot of people, all talking. Some people looked at me and whispered, i just ignored it. Then i bumped into someone. "Im so sorry" "Its okay love" When I looked at him, he looked pretty cute actually. Blonde, and Irish. "Im Niall and you must be the new student Alex?" "Yeah, can you help me find the office?" I was pretty nervous. Wait, why was i nervous? No, stop it Alex. I cant develop feelings if i just met him. "Sure, follow me" He took my hand and showed me the office. At first i smiled then he caught me smiling, then he smiled back.

"Uh.. Thanks Niall" I said. "No problem love, See ya later?" "Yeah, see ya later" He walked away, then i entered the office to get my schedule.

Niall's POV

Wow, she is really pretty. Her beautiful hair, her nice brown eyes and she really looks beautiful without any makeup. I cant stop thinking about her. Wait, I... I like her? I just recently met her and now... I like her? Wow, things just happen so fast. "Mr. Horan" Mr. Castro called to me. "Yes sir?" "Are you paying attention?" He gave me look. "Uhm.... No sir, im sorry. I wont let that happen again." I said to him. Everyone was giggling at me. That was really embarrassing. Then I saw Alex walk into the room. My face lit up when i saw her.

Alex's POV

So first i have English, when i walked into the room. I saw Niall, i was happy and i could tell he was happy to see me too. "Class, This is Alex and she will be in our English class." Mr. Castro said to the class. I gave them a shy smile and he assigned me to a seat next to Niall and a Blonde chick. She gave a me dirty look but i just ignored it.

When i sat down in my seat, Niall looked at me and smiled. I smiled back then class started. It was boring but I really need to focus until i got a note from Niall. Its said "Hey, I would really like to know you better. Wanna hang out After school?" I smiled and turned to him and nodded yes. He looked really happy when i said yes. I guess this day could be great.

English was done and i was on my way to Drama. Niall walked me to class since we had all the same classes. Then i heard a guy called out to Niall "Hey Niall, Wha-" He stopped when he saw me. "Oh Hi, you must be Alex, Im Liam" "Hi Liam" I gave him a shy smile. We all walked to Drama then i got to know Liam. He was really funny.

~Time Skip~

School was now done and I met up with Niall in front of the school. I got to meet some of Niall's friends. Zayn Malik, a jock with Nice dark Hair and brown eyes. Harry Styles, a flirt with nice curly hair and beautiful green eyes. Louis Tomlinson, A really funny guy who really loves carrots. They were really fun to hang out with.

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