Hi. I am Diana. I have been hurt a lot in the past with relationships. I always go for the same guys. A jock, good looking on the outside, but on the inside....bullsh*t. I am attending university when i happen to run into someone who would change my life. Completly.


4. The Dorm (Diana's POV)

I got up to my dorm and was fiddling with the door. "Shit. Stupid door. For how much college costs, you would think that they would have better doors. !#@#$%" I muttered under my breath. All of a sudden i hear "Diana!?" I whip my head around and see a tallish figure with soft curly hair and gems for eyes. "Harry! I didn't know you lived in these dorms!" Wow. I am so stupiddd. I probably sound like a desperate ditz. "Yea! I cant believe we havent run into eachother before!" he said. So. Freaking. Cute. "Yea that is weird!" ARRGHHHH stop sounding so blond, Diana! (no offense to blondes whatsoever) "Well, I guess I'll text you when you wanna go for coffee, Ok?" he said. "Yea! Cant wait!" ermahgerd. Did i just say that out loud. ew... i must sound really stupid. But i really couldnt wait. I actually had a feeling like Harry was different... but i thought was different too... well i guess time will tell. I went into my dorm and saw my best friend Allison sitting on the couch with her boyfriend Tom. (I am referencing Tom Daley.) "Hey alls! Hey tommmmm!" I said dragging out the M. I went into my room and put on Maroon Five, one of my favorite bands, and sat down on my bed scrolling through iFunny. I am such a procrastinator. I almost drop my phone on my face when i feel my phone buzz with a **tweet tweet** I look and see that it is from Harry. Or should i say Harryyyy :))) <3 :* haha. cute. It read:


Hey! long time no see eh? haha so when are you up for our coffee date? ;)

~Hazzah (harry)

He is so cute. Wait, no he is not. ugh. wait...woahwoahwoah... did he say date? WITH A WINKY FACE?!?! omg. It was a date i guess... well i should write back soon because i have read tags on my phone so he knows when i saw it so i wrote back:


Hey "Hazzah" haha lol, anytime really...I am a terrible procrastinator so I love getting away from my work. lol How about at like 10:00 tomorrow?

~Princess Diana (Diana) xxx ;)


I hope he doesnt think that i am too pushy... ugh. I cant wait till he writes back, but for now i am going to sleep. In my clothes.

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