Hi. I am Diana. I have been hurt a lot in the past with relationships. I always go for the same guys. A jock, good looking on the outside, but on the inside....bullsh*t. I am attending university when i happen to run into someone who would change my life. Completly.


2. Harold

I was walking down the hall through the university. Ugh, school was such a bore. The hallway was practically empty and so was my energy tank. I was practically falling asleep while i was walking, when all of a sudden, I ran into a messy head of curly locks. "oh, sorry..." I heard him say. I looked up to see an equally tired face staring back at me. He had gorgeous emerald eyes and luscious curly brown hair. "Uh, what class do you have next?" he asked. "Um, English, i think....Sorry im totally out of it, i have been working on overload for weeks." "Me too. I can not stand school.  I would much rather be singing." That was what surprised me, he seemed like the jock type. Husky, hot....dreamy..Woah. NO DIANA YOU ARE NOT FALLING FOR THIS GUY! He is the type that i always go for. Especially like...nevermind... This guy is just some random dude that randomly ran into and happen to be in the same class as, right? or was it fate? He offered, like a gentleman, to walk me to class and i accepted. It was nice to have some company. I couldnt help but notice his beautiful chishire accent. As we were entering the classroom, the professor said, "This is no time to be flirting, Harold." We both blushed. Wait, both? Did he like me back? Woah, nelly, did i even like him?! well, no time to ponder your emotions now diana. I have to learn about why the author said the curtains were blue. My professor thinks that it is because the author is trying to portray how sad he is and the color of his tears, when in reality, it was because the curtains were fucking blue. After a long class of nodding off into lala land and staring at "Harold" it was the end of the day. Finally! As i sleepily walked out of class, Harold stopped me. What was he doing? "Hey, I dont think we have properly met. Im Harry." He stuck out his hand to shake mine. Totally involuntarily, I go in for a full out hug. I felt safe in his arms. I let go and blushed a deep red. "Sorry, I dont know why i did that..." "It's alright, love." That made me even redder. "I still didn't get your name." he said with a sweet smile. "Diana." I stuck my hand out, but this time he was the one to hug me. We both chuckled. I liked the way he smelled (as weird as it sounds). Like Hollister. "Hey, Diana, wanna go get a coffee or something?" "Yea, sure. That would be great." I said surprising myself. What did i just get myself into? And why was I enjoying it?

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