Hi. I am Diana. I have been hurt a lot in the past with relationships. I always go for the same guys. A jock, good looking on the outside, but on the inside....bullsh*t. I am attending university when i happen to run into someone who would change my life. Completly.


6. Date

Diana's POV

I woke up to my alarm buzzing *She said she met me on the tour, she keeps knockin at my door, she wont leave me leave me alooneee* Maria by Justin Bieber. I unlock my phone and see that it is already 9:00! Shoot! I only have like 45 minutes to get dressed and do my makeup! I put on my purple skinny jeans, with a tan colored sweater with black tribal designs, with a pink/yellow/white shoulder bag, with a wrap sweater coat thing. I go to the bathroom to get ready, and I do my makeup with a little gold eyeshadow with some brown eyeliner with a light coat of mascara. I put on some tinted lipgloss that makes my lips a little bit pinky. I quickly fishtail my hair (im a master), grab my sailor braclets, and slip on my bright yellow converse. I off to my "date" with Harry! :D (see diana's outfit here:

Harry's POV

"ITS TIME TO GET UP!!!! ITS TIME TO GET UPPPPP!!!" I woke up to a loud Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn jumping all over my bed and on me.

"Ugh, Its time to get up?" I said groggily.

"Yes silly! Today is your first date with Diana!" Louis yelled in my ear.

"Ouch, Lou, ya know you should wait until someone has at least woken up before bursting their ear dru...SHIT MY DATE!"

"YES THAT'S WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU!" Lou shouted at me.

"Get out of my room, all of you! I have to get ready!"

I threw on some navy blue/black jeans, with a white V neck t-shirt. I put on my worn out converse and ruffled my hair until it look good. I grabbed my wallet, stuffed it in my back pocket, and ran out the door. I grabbed my phone off of the kitchen counter, and started to text Diana. I was speed walking out the door when I ran into someone, I looked at the beautiful girl standing infront of me. Diana.

"This is becoming a habit isn't it?" She chuckled.

"Yea, I guess so, I was just heading over to your place to pick you up. I guess great minds think alike." I said with a smile and a wink. she blushed.

"So where do you want to go?" She asked... well, there was starbucks.

"How about Starbucks?" I asked. She laughed and nodded her head.

"Can you read minds or something?" She asked between giggles.

"No? Why?"

"Because i was just about to ask if you wanted starbucks." By now we were both cracking up as we headed to the Starbucks on 4th and Washington Square Avenue. We got to Starbucks and she ordered her drink and was about to pay for it when i stopped her hand.

"No, Im buying."

"Thank you." She said with a small smile. She didn't argue? I liked this chick!

"No argument?" I said as I walked to a table.

"Nope. Harry, Im a freshman i college. When someone offers to buy you something, no questions asked."

I laughed. She was so witty. Another reason why i loved her. Wait, do i love her? I dont even know her... I guess I will know her better after this date. We chatted about her, and I found out that her parents are divorced too, but she is from Oklahoma of all places. She doesnt even have an accent!

"Wait if you are from oklahoma, why dont you talk like a cowboy or something?" I asked sincerely wanting to know.

She burst out laughing and said "My parents were very well read. So neither of them had an accent so I never grew up with it. At one point in my early teens though, I would say some things with an accent."

"This was really fun." I said

"Yea, It was. :)" She replied.



We went back to the dorms but before we entered the building, i got up the courage to say,

"I should probably kiss you right about now."


"Well, as soon as we enter the building, the boys will be watching us, so I figured you would want some privacy, but if you dont want to, then-"

I was cut off by her smashing her lips into mine, with a kiss. It was like fourth of July in my stomach. When we pulled apart, she said,

"Why would you think i wouldnt want to?" she said with a wink. Then she ran upstairs."

I stood there dumbfounded at how i had found such a perfect girl. I slowly walked up the four flights of stairs to my room, where i was tackled to the ground by the boys whooping and congratulating me on the kiss.

"How did you boys even know?"

"well,-" Lou started but was cut off by zayn spilling out'

"We saw Diana run up to her room with a massive smile on her face, so there is that,-"

Lou: "and we were watching you through the window."

Typical boys.


*A/N They go to NYU just sayin! Hope you liked the chapter! COMMENT! I will be adding another chapter tonight!!! (If not two more)*


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