Hi. I am Diana. I have been hurt a lot in the past with relationships. I always go for the same guys. A jock, good looking on the outside, but on the inside....bullsh*t. I am attending university when i happen to run into someone who would change my life. Completly.


5. Coffee and a text (Harry and Diana's POVs)

Harry's POV

I was almost asleep when my phone buzzed **tweet tweet** I smiled at the ringtone. I read this text:

Hey "Hazzah" haha lol. anytime really...I am a terrible procrastinator so I love getting away from my work. lol How about at like 10:00 tomorrow?

~Princess Diana (Diana) xxx

Did she just send kisses with that? \(^.^)/ happy hazzahhh! haha i wrote back as soon as she sent it.

Yea that sounds good "Princess Diana" haha see you tomorrow, love.

~Hazzah xxx

Yea that would be good. I was about to click send when Louis barges in on me and makes me get a phone to the face.

"What the hell, Lou?!" I quickly click send and lock my phone. Thank god i have a passcode.

"Who is she?" Lou asks. I blush and look down to hide it, but failing.

"I dont know what you mean."

"Haz, you cant hide anything from me. who is she? You only run to your room without giving me a hug when there is a girl involved. Now tell me." Damn. He was good. I give in.

"**Sigh** Her name is Diana. She is in my english class, and she lives three doors down." I immediately regret saying that. as he runs out the door in his pajamas and down three doors and knocks.

"Hello?" I hear a male voice answer.

"Yea, pip pip cheerio, whatever, is Diana there?" Lou says back.

I hear mumbling, and then i hear:

"What's the password?" In Diana's sweet voice.

"CARROTSSSSS!!!!" Lou yells as loud as he can.

"You got me." She unlocks the door and lets lou in and i follow.

"Harry!" she says as she wraps her arms around me. Lou makes kissy faces behind her back and raises his eyebrows at me. I roll my eyes.

I see the boy who must have answered it first, thank god with another girl. 

"Ohmygosh. Im so sorry, I should have introduced you. This is Allison, my best friend, and this is Tom, her boyfriend." Diana introduces me to her friends and i shake hands with Allison, and give Tom a bro hug.

"And this is?" Diana asks as she gestures to Louis.

"Oh, sorry, um, this is Louis. Louis this is Diana." I say back kind of nervously as lou shakes hands with Diana.

"Hello. Just call me lou. You and hazza..." he wiggles his eyebrows. I slap him.

Diana bursts out laughing as do Allison and Tom. I turn bright red.

"Harry, thanks for the surprise visit and all, but im really tired so im gonna go to sleep. Nice meeting you Lou." She says.

"Harry, why dont you go with her?" Louis says. This time I laugh too. Before I know it, Im back in my dorm surrounded by all the other boys.

"So? Who is she?" they all ask. I tell them everything.

"HARRY HAS A CRUSH!!!!!" Niall screams out.




"Ok. I'll shut up now." He says finally giving up with his hands up in defense.

Well, I walk back to my room with a smile on my face. My crush is single, might like me back, and is going on a date with me tomorrow. Today, was good. :) I flop on my bed and sleep in my clothes.


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