Hi. I am Diana. I have been hurt a lot in the past with relationships. I always go for the same guys. A jock, good looking on the outside, but on the inside....bullsh*t. I am attending university when i happen to run into someone who would change my life. Completly.


1. Description

My name is Diana. I am 19 years old, meaning that i am a freshman in college. I like eating ice cream, and oreos with peanut butter. I have wavy blond hair (i usually braid it) and aqua eyes. I usually have a smokey eye with light black eyeliner and mascara. I have a very hipster style...(see diana's typical outfit here:

I am studying character development in University. I hope to become an animator for Pixar, but i really want to sing. I can play guitar, and I also love photography. I have one tattoo, it's on the underside of my wrist, it has two birds flying away and it says "be free". I love my life in present, but i try not to look back on the past.




**A/N Did you like the first chapter? the second will be better, but i just wanted to introduce Diana. Leave comments! and send ideas to !** 

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