They Don't Know About Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I always loved my job as a stylist apprentice and it just got better when I started working on the X-Factor. I never expected to fall for one of the shows competitors or have any fall for me.


2. Trust

Over the next couple of weeks I had grown close to the boys, especially Louis. I mean I did see them almost every day and the days I didn't we would text. They were all really funny and fun to be around but Louis was definitely the funniest. He was also sweet and caring and cute and… I really needed to stop these thoughts. We couldn’t be anything more than friends and I was fine with that, right? Anyway we both needed to focus. The live shows were nearing an end and that meant that it was almost the finals. I had known since the first time I heard them sing that they would make it far but they never believe me.  Whenever I say that they always counter with how far I’ll go because I did such a good job with them.

It makes me sad to think that the shows almost over because, I’ve never told the boys this, but I’m scared that they won’t talk to me anymore once the shows over. If they won I wouldn't be important because they would have thousands of girls screaming for them, but if they lost who knows if they would stay together and if they didn't they would just carry on with their lives. Either way I would be forgotten. I would have to go back to my boring life and how it was. How it will be.

"What are you thinking about Sadie? You look troubled," Louis said coming up behind me, nearly scaring me to death.

"Oh Louis!" I exclaimed. "You startled me."

"Is everything okay?" He sounded quite worried. His furrowed brow was so adorable.

"Oh yeah. I'm better than ever" I tried to brush it off but I had never been good at lying and Louis could read me way too well.

"Alright, out with it," he demanded.

"Look, you have more important things to worry about other than me." I offered a weak smile.

"Fine, but if you ever want to talk, you know where to find me." and with that he left with a wink.

God why did he have to be so perfect? It only made things harder for me. How was I supposed to forget this and move on with my life?

Without knowing it, I started distancing myself from Louis. I didn't even know I was doing it until Zayn confronted me about it.

"What happened with you and Louis? Did you two have a falling out?" He questioned me while I was spraying his quiff.

"Nothing happened. Why would you think something did?" I was highly confused.

"Well it's just that you two were becoming so close and now whenever you see him coming you find something else to do. You used to insist on being the only one who could touch is hair and lately you haven't even argued when other people do it." He explained.

"Oh... well I suppose something did happen. Can I trust you?" I really hoped I could. I was sick of keeping these feelings to myself.

"Of course Sadie. That's what I'm here for." He reassured me.

"Okay well I have developed urm certain feelings for Louis. You can't tell anyone though otherwise I could get in trouble. You heard what Lou said the first day." I felt a little of the weight be relieved from my shoulders.

"Sadie, it's okay. I kinda figured that out on my own," he smiled sheepishly and noticing the expression on my face he added, "but don't worry no one else has."

I sighed a sigh of relief. It felt good to trust Zayn with this and know that I could trust him.

"I think you should tell Louis." He said after some time.

"You really think so? Do you think he would find it weird?" I suddenly got really nervous.

"Trust me, Louis definitely likes you. He hasn't been the same since you two stopped hanging out." I found this encouraging, so with that I set off to find Louis.

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