Don't push m Harry

Harry has been Abby's bf for 3 yrs now and Abby goes crazy on drugs what will Harry do? Will he leave her hanging onto dear life ? Or will he safe her and help her get through her problem


7. Ur killing me really

We came to a stop I looked up " A CARNIVAL"! I screamed we got out and bought tickets idk how many though 10 20 who cares we went on so many rides later it got th harder it was to find rides let's go home he turned from me to give a little kid the tickets and I was carried by talk men in black suit 4 of them they covered my mouth and I couldent scream they took my phone somone called one of the men answered it
I gave a little kid some tickets turned and she's gone I look I call her cell a voice answers hello it wasent her it was somone else !!it sounded like Louis makeing a voice but why would he steal my girl so it couldent be I was looking for some one the phone with a girl !,noone I was worried for her I asked who is this he just hung up I went home n called the boys NIELL answers NIELL where is Abby!!! Me haven't seen her mate sorry ugh he chuckled why are yah laughing NIELL I'm serious I know ULL find her mate he hung up
I found out the boys took me they were pranking Harry I laughed at th though lol they took me to their flat I just watched tv there was a knock on the door I ran out back and hid Zayn answered the door .....!
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