Don't push m Harry

Harry has been Abby's bf for 3 yrs now and Abby goes crazy on drugs what will Harry do? Will he leave her hanging onto dear life ? Or will he safe her and help her get through her problem


9. Sex in the city

O think harry heart the pushing and her refuseing and he did somthing to the door and it opened refeling me kissing her and her refuseing he pulled me off her and said don't u ever EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN I heard him whisper if he touches u tell me she dident do anything but look at me as I walked away
I can't belive niall would do that I hugged her she dident do anything I geuss she was stunned she fell asleep on me we went to bed I geuss Niall slept in my room but anyway me and the boys left leaveing niall and Zayn at home I trusted she would call me if they tried anything well Niall or have Zayn help
I can't tell Harry cuz hell get hurt today another day of make
Out but with two guys and I was not happy Niall first Same as last time but longer and he took off his boxers yuck he humped me and sexually harassed me worried I tried to get away can't he GRABBED me and kissed me smoothly then Zayn came in HE WAS WORSE. He kissed me and took off everything on me and him but he was protected so he put it in it dident make pregenant I had to make notices or he would touch me and he licked me I finched he grabbed Me and kissed me hard then it was over I got dressed and cried on my bed
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