Don't push m Harry

Harry has been Abby's bf for 3 yrs now and Abby goes crazy on drugs what will Harry do? Will he leave her hanging onto dear life ? Or will he safe her and help her get through her problem


8. Pranksters

u came to the boys door and said dont go looking for her the cops will find her and put to jail who kaptured her I looked at the buys with hope writen all over my face but they were looking worried so Louis spoke up and cleaned his thought ya know Harry we played a prank on you my hope washed away " what do u mean "prank"I said losing the hope they called Abby in the room and saw sad faces so she grew sad feeling the tension in the room probly she run and hugged me sorry we pranked u Harry she said softy into my chest it's okay love I told her pulling her off
Idk what was going on but Harry never pushed me away before he's upset and I dont know why he went upstairs to his room and I screamed at the boys!" WHAT DID U DO WHY IS HE GLUM TELL ME "! It's best if u get rest NIELL said to me looking in my eyes wow those beautiful teal eyes wait what no I can't be I'm with harry but then again he's been avoiding me latly so I calmed down and said Shute now im sorry I don't need rest ! He said yes u do he walked me up stairs in his bedroom
wow she was hot her hair her clothes her personality but she's with Harry do I'm trying to make her like me Zayn is too I'm beating him at it I looked in her eyes I saw sadness how could Harry do this to her I wAlked her to me room and sat next to her she looked at me and smilied I wanted to make out with her so bad so I locked the door she looked confused I pulled her shirt off she may have known I was stronger and I said let me do this everyday or Harry goes okay she nodded with fear in her eyes I heard foot steps I dident care I took off my shirt and pants I took off hers she was wearing a bra and undies only now I whispered to her I won't do that for now and I started kissing her Harry tried opening it but couldent I heard him walk away so I pushed her harder but I heard him come back with somthing metal
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