Don't push m Harry

Harry has been Abby's bf for 3 yrs now and Abby goes crazy on drugs what will Harry do? Will he leave her hanging onto dear life ? Or will he safe her and help her get through her problem


5. Live life like we're dieing

We at breakfeast and she went off to do her girly things so I finished went to my room pulled out a white tee and blonde pants I got to the bathroom she wasent in yet and took a shower brushed my teeth did my hair all that stuff and grabed my shoes shoved those on an put on a jacket
I was listening to Harry singing then while I was doing that I a shower brushed teeth put make up on I grabed a pretty but short blue dress it goes to my knee and has a belt around the belly it's strapless and I grabed brown boots and a hat to Match ! Lol I went down stairs I so flickering in his room I went in it was his phone it was a txt it read :
"hey Harry watcha doing tonight mabe we could do what we did last time Oo yah answer me u haven't for awile love haliey ". I creid my heart out and slammed my door shut really loud and say on my window ledge ( it was a balcony) I sent Harry a txt cuz I couldent talk to him in person no way I said " yah go with haliey whoever she would love it>:("
I loved at my Mgs and there was one from haliey ugh I TXTED her " I want nothing to do with u anymore Im with someone else " I saw Abby's txt I ran to her room I banged on it and noticed it was unlocked stupid me I walked in she was on the balcony sobbing what have I done!!!!!
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