Don't push m Harry

Harry has been Abby's bf for 3 yrs now and Abby goes crazy on drugs what will Harry do? Will he leave her hanging onto dear life ? Or will he safe her and help her get through her problem


6. I screwed up

Abby's POV

Harry came in "leave now go with haliey u
Love her don't u "! He said no turned me around I love u and I told her that u mine and im not letting u go he kissed me sweetly I smile during it I kissed back he whispered in my ear " ur mine now"! I hugged him a giggled he tikled me I couldent stop laughing "" harrys.. Hahaha.... Omg ....haha Harry! He finally stopped I kissed him and we went downstairs he got his jacket on N got his key "were are u going " I asked " u mean we're are we going " he said smirking and took my had an pulled me
To the car "ahhh" were are we going I screamed he said ULL see I hate that a man won't tell till u get there man surprises I wanna know !!!
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