Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


27. We're here

 Taylor's POV: The ride felt like ten minutes because of the time we had, but that was not the point of today. I was so excited and the rest of the crew can probably say the same. We got front row parking when we arrived. we all hopped out of the car amd swarms of fans came before we were ready for them. I still have to work on getting used to that, but I can tell the boys were just trying to not let the irritable and angry side of them out. I would'nt be able to hold all of that in all the time. Anyways the fans were asking me if I was dating Liam or Harry and why I was tearing them apart. And hate. I need to get used to that, but I don't think I am supposed to. They all suspect I'm using Harry for his charm and sex and they also all think I'm a complete whore inside and out with no personality. But really don't want to think about these things nor go on about them. I should tell Eleanor and Perrie and get some advice from them because I have heard stories of people being pushed too far and I don't think that is a good idea to let that happen, so I will converse with them later tonight if I have time or another reason. But we walked in the park surrounded with bodyguards squeezed against everybody. I saw some crazed fans get harshly pushed away and words, I blocked out the words though. After we picked up the maps of the park, we chilled out and studied them by some benches with the guards forming a half circle around us. We had permission to go to the front of line with a private car so there was nothing to worry about with the rides but our problem was there are so many choice, where should we start? "Well to start with, this place is famous for it's 17 rollercoasters." I said, they nodded. "We could start with the Windseeker? that has an amazing view of the park and once you're up you will for get about the height." They all agreed with my choice and we got up. Niall then added in, "Then we should start riding the rollercoasters, The... Top Thrill Dragster maybe first?". Zayn didn't like rollercoasters but Iam determined to get rid of his phobia of them today, Perrie and I had discussed this earlier. When we arrived at the Windseeker, we all got a partner which worked out because therre are eight of us. I talked to Harry about sitting with Liam for this ride and he let me, he was sort of upset but I did want to ride with him, one we were all strapped in, I turned to Liam and smiled, "Are you ready Li?" he laughs, "I'm as ready as you are Tay!" He replied with a wink. I then turned to Harry which was unsurprisingly staring at me, he gave me a nervous smile and then I blew a kiss at him. He then smiled more brightly. The ride began and broke our gaze, I shot my head forward and tightly gripped the bar holding me down. One wew reached the top, it was amazing. I tried to peek over at Harry but our view for eachother was totally blocked. "This is so beautiful!" I smile and exclaimed, I felt a stare coming from his so I looked over at him. His eyes are so brown, I was lost in them immidiatley. he nodded agreeing with me. "Not as beautiful as you are." He then with no hesitation, kissed me, I had no choice, I wanted this kiss though, I think. I loved this.

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