Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


29. Well... Liam kissed me

Taylor's POV: I woke up early today (about 7:00am), obviously nobody was up because of the fun we had the day before, it was quite amazing. Full of new things. I will have to choose between Liam or Harry soon, even though I feel that the decision needs more time. I really do like both of them but one should be the one for me, right? I went to the bathroom, put on mascara and cover-up and decided to french braid my hair because I didn't feel like doing anything else. It looked really good because underneath my hair was colored pink and purple. I got one of Harry's white V-neck T-shirts, black vans and some sweats. I then went back to Harry and I's bed, sat down, and picked up my IPhone. The service will shut down soon so I have to take advantage of it. I decided to find the nearest Starbucks and go there and talk to El and Perrie. I needed to catch up with them. I locked my phone and got up and walked to both of their rooms to ask if they wanted to go, without waking their boyfriends up. They both agreed to go out with me. I quickly went to Harry's room and picked up his phone, went to the notepad, and typed this in:

"Hey babe! Perrie, Eleanor, & I have took the Range Rover to Starbucks to talk and have coffee.

I don't when we will be back for sure but I just wanted to let you know just in case we don't get

back before you guys wake. I love you! text me when you wake up -Tay x"

I locked his phone. and walked out of the room and met up with the girls who wrote similar notes on the other boy's phones. "So are we all ready to go?" I asked, they both said yes, got in the car and Perrie drove off. It took us about 10 minutes to get there. We walked in and ordered our drinks. I ordered a large white chocolate Frappuccino. We got our coffees and sat down at table. "So how was your day yesterday?" Eleanor asked both of us. "Very good!" Perrie said, Eleanor agreed with her. "my day was...uhh... very interesting and I guess you could say partially confusing?" I said right after them. "well why is that?" They questioned. "Well... On the Windseeker... Well... Liam kissed me for about 30 seconds, and yes, I kissed him back..." I stared down at my light brown drink with whip cream. "Wow, does Harry know about this?" asked Perrie. "No, our vision was blocked. But I am so confused and I don't know who I like more and I think I-I need more time and..." Perrie cut me off, "It's okay we understand." she looked at El and bit her lip after I put my face in my hands. It was silent for a few minutes. There was nothing really to say for this situation. "Well how about you go on a date with both of them, today?" Eleanor suggested. "Okay, let's go with that, where should I go with them?" "Perrie and In will ask them on that later. Let's just have fun for now. how about we leave and go to the mall? maybe we can get some clothes and such for your dates later in the day? And for sure get some lingerie for the evenings? we could all use some off that." She winked and we all laughed. After that, we all got up and went to the mall and all bought stuff, I felt bad for them having to buy me all of these nice things, I need to look into getting a job maybe. I think I am also dropped out of school now, well, I am sure of that.





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