Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


12. The no longer mystery girl

Louis' POV: During the approximate three, four hour wait, Niall, Zayn, and I were talking about different things and also about the girl. But Liam and Harry. They were off on there own across the empty room with their face in their hands. We were stowed in a extra room for now because we weren't aloud to wait with the public because we are One Direction. Sometimes it got annoying to be famous. But singing in One Direction is our passion. Well, then the awaiting news has arrived. The new that we have been waiting for. The Doctor knocked on the door and then entered. Everyone's head shot up and everyone it turned quiet. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. "Well boys, we have good news, but also bad news. what's first?" He first said. "Good news, Sir!" Zayn said, everyone nodded to agree. "Okay. the good news is we now know who the mystery girl, who is no longer a mystery, is. Her name is Taylor, 17 years, and is a senior is high school. That is the basics. some more good news is Taylor has nothing major wrong with her, which is very lucky for her to be in the situation she was associated with. She is currently in a coma, expected to wake up today." stated the doctor. We all smiled and had a brief celebration, Harry and Liam also joined us during that moment also. "But," the doctor interrupted us, "She will have to wake up to very bad news." I then asked, "What is that?" "Her parents did not survive this disaster, but as I said, she was very lucky herself to have lived." Harry then added in,"We will take care of her." "But..." management added in. Liam backed up Harry, "WE, One Direction will take care of her. No one else.". Management had no reply, thankfully. I could tell no one including me didn't want to hear another word from them.

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