Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


14. Surprise...

Taylor's POV: I was always trying my hardest to open my eyes, but one day, it finally happened. My eyes just shot open, I had blurry vision and my eyes were stinging from the light. I also gained back my body movement. I then sat up as quickly as I could. I was excited to be up and going again. Excited to be apart of this world again. I then lifted my hands up to my eyes and wiped them. I then noticed all of the cords and tubes attached to me. I wanted to rip them off of me so badly but I resisted the urge to. I then closed my eye for a minute and stretched out my arms and relax them. When I opened my eyes again with full vision, I saw them. All of the familiar things about the group of boys made sense to me now. Everything I thought of about them now had an explanation. I just have just awakened to One Direction. They think they're in shock of me waking up while every single one of them catching flies. But I was in even more shock that they were there and I was catching even flies. I then spit out the only word I was capable of saying at the moment, "Hi..." "Hello, it seems that you know who we are." Said Zayn, in which everyone else and I let out a chuckle. Oh, how it felt so pleasant not to feel lifeless in a coma anymore. I felt so free. But also, it felt so nice to have the attention that I never have gotten in awhile. A minute after he said that, I decided to ask the one big question. "So why did you guys go through all of this trouble to take care of me? I'm no one special, everyone acts like I'm invisible and just a human being that doesn't exist. So I'm very curious to know just why?" I questioned. Niall then said, "We just wanted to help you, and you felt special to all of us I suppose.". Harry and Liam were still staring at me in shock, I don't know why.


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