Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


16. No more hospital for Tay!

Taylor's POV: We were talking at the hospital for about 30 minutes more about what had happened to me and also about myself and my family. I knew most of things that had happened  to me because while I was in the coma, I could still hear everything, just not physically do anything at all. I was very happy for what One Direction had done for me, I really want to do something in return. I will figure out what that is later. When we started to talk about my life, they were listening so closely. They cared for what I had to tell them, and that made me feel very special. I also was pretty chill for them being here with me at the moment. They also got emotional from my story, I mean, I guess my life is pretty terrible. but I never actually sit down and think about it because I thought this was how every family was, I guess I am wrong.

     After the 30 minutes went by, we were interrupted by the doctor to check on how I was doing, he didn't know I had awaken yet, because the boys decided not inform him. When he saw me, he was very surprised that I was awake. "Hello... Wow, you're awake! I didn't expect you to be at this time, but it is still great that your are awake, don't think that is a negative thing, Taylor." The doctor said. Harry then replied, "Oh yeah, we forgot to do that... Sorry." He smiled and laughed with all of the others including me. Well there was about 30 minutes of  testing and such before we got to leave. I didn't know where I planned on going, probably mom and dad's house. But we will see. I was happy to be able to get out of the hospital because I just hated it and had a lot of reasons why.

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