Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


9. More than depressing...

Liam's POV: When we exited the helicopter after the long way here, we were immediately greeted with aroused fans, my first question to myself is how did they know we were coming? But I guess our fans know a lot and can figure out a lot. But what caught my eye the most was the scenery. Security took care of most of the fans and we met some of them. We walked around for a few hours and talked to some of the victims of this disastrous tornado. We learned the stories of some of these people, they were so interesting. Some were sad, shocking, surprising, weird, and so on. But the lesson we learned is a person you see has a lot behind their appearance and name. I also felt bad for the losses of these people. Some lost everything. After we were about done walking around, we saw what looked like a lifeless girl on the ground. We proceeded to walk up to her and see what was wrong. "Hello... Ma'am? Are you awake?" I asked, no answer. I looked around at the boys. We gathered around her. I began to check for her heartbeat. Niall and Louis were complaining that nobody did anything, "Why I she still here? This tornado has passed awhile ago and we have also been here for hours and no one notices this poor beautiful girl? What the fuck is this shit? I mean really guys." Louis stated. Niall then added in; "Yes, I would say the same thing Lou. It is complete bullshit that no one helped th girl. She is beautiful.".  "Hun, are you sleeping? Please stay with me if you if you are alive, we are here." Zayn went on trying to get her to wake up. Harry was also saying some things. "Hey sweetie, hang in there, I know you are still with us. Soon you will wake up and you will be okay. You are beautiful also! I will punish the people who left you here." he went on. There was something about this girl that sparks went off since Danielle. I think this is the girl that I like, Danielle is no more and I'm not gonna think about her. Anxiety is on. Let's see what happens...
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