Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


21. Love triangle

Perrie's POV: Eleanor and I walked into our room to look for clothes that Taylor could borrow, since no one has got her anything yet. I picked out a pair of yoga pants and also got one of Harry's white V-necks. I also got a bra she could use too. she was lucky that Eleanor wore the same size bra as her. After we found the stuff we needed, we proceeded to her room and began to dress her. Harry owed us, he was so stupid to not think of this before he gave her sleeping pill to take. But anyways all of the girls are probably going to be best friends soon, so it will be a friend favor. After we were done, we decided to sit her up and straighten her hair, I loved her hair, it was so pretty. It was dark brown with blonde and pink highlights, the pink faded from being washed. I had the idea to straighten it to impress Harry, even though I didn't even know if she even liked him, I know Harry did, it was very obvious. But I think Liam also does too. It wasns't as obvious, but us girls can tell. Right now, he is sitting on the couch all by himself staring at the wall not saying a word. I felt bad, but he does have to do something if he wants her. I mean, Harry likes her. Every girl wants Harry. And everyone knows how Harry is with girls, especially girls that he wants. I think Taylor is different with Harry though. I knew she wasn't like his regular sluts and obviously not a cougar. I feel bad for Liam because he just got out of a two-year relationship with Danielle, he didn't have a single interest for a girl for the longest time, but then Taylor came along. I really need to talk to Taylor soon. See what is on her mind and catch her up on things and let her know about the two boys, so just some girl talk. We also need to get to know her some more. After straightening her hair, we were comepletely done. Eleanor and  I walked back into the room and told Harry we were done. "Okay Harry, we are done." I said. "Thank-you." He replied. He exited the room and joined Taylor again. Liam still didn't move. I wonder if I should be concerned. I walked over to Zayn, sitting on another couch with Louis and Niall. I sat on Zayns' lap and  pointed over to Liam with a questioned look on my face. He just shrugged. I then stared to Liam for a good minute for then looked back at Zayn and bit my lip. Maybe I should have him talk to him. I then whispered to Zayn, "You should go talk to him." "That's probably a good idea, come with me though." "No, you both need to talk without a girl. I will stay with El." "Fine.". I got up and let Zayn go with Liam. I wonder what he is going to.

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