Realizing Love

This Fanfic is about Taylor and her long story in part of her life. After a rough disaster, she meets some boys called One Direction and is stuck in a love triangle. Who will be the boy she ends up with?


4. Almost lifeless.

Taylor's POV: I never had a thought in my life that there would be a tornado where I live... But I guess it is possible. Well all I know as of now is I am not awake. I wanted to wake, up. but I couldn't. I couldn't even move a finger. I was in pain. But I just wanted to wake up, find mom and dad, live. All that was on my mind was 'wake up' over and over again. It didn't wake me up, nor did I think it would buy at this point i need to try everything, I didn't want die. Suddenly all I heard is a helicopter and screaming... Why the fuck would anybody be screaming? But whatever. I was just depressed. No one cared enough to help me, again I'm invisible. Not that long later, I heard very familiar voices. I could not think of who it was so I just got rid of the thought. I mean, they aren't gonna help me anyways. My feelings were if I was able to, I would be crying my eyes out. But suddenly the voices were the closest that they could be. And sounded like a group of boys. Suddenly, the boys seemed like they huddled around me trying to see if I was alive. One checked for a heartbeat, some were complaining that no one did anything for me. Another was trying to wake me up. And the last boy was comforting me. Oh, how it felt so nice to not be invisible again. I didn't even care if it was to a bunch of strange boys. I wasn't scared, not even one bit. I felt as I this was the most cared for I have ever been, especially by boys. They were talking about me, in a good way.  The boy checking my heartbeat finally screamed that i was alive, they all started to celebrate a little. I couldn't believe that they already care about me this much! I then felt strong strings arms around me carrying me wedding style. I was safe again, a sigh of relief was going through my mind, but the pain was still there.
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