Stolen and Broken

(my first fanfic) I had to get out, go somewhere, anywhere, just not there. and knowing me, i went to the mall. running, no, more like sprinting, tears making marks on my face as the wind blows against them. He was crazy, he has definatly snapped. ever since moms funeral its like he died inside and he has no soul or right mind. When i got there, just to make my day alittle worse, they came on the radio, ugh they were so annoying. and right there i flipped. i just screamed at no one perticular, i just said how much i hated this song and who the fuck cares about those five fucking homos? then i was grabbed, and everything was black. until...


3. ....oh crap

~Jennifer Rose' P.O.V~

I wake up and felt extremly soar in ... my lower region. I look around and Niall's gone. I get up and open the door, its unlocked! I slowly tip toe out and down a long hallway with like five or six doors. I come to the end of the hallway and hear talking, its the boys. I stand still and listen in. "How could you do that ?!? What if management found out, or the papz?!" I heard niall say. "They wont, dont worry so much" "Oh yeah, what do you think she is going to do, just pretend like nothing happened? no she will go to the police!" "then we wont let her go!" "WE CANT JUST KIDNAP A RANDOM STRANGER FOR NO GOOD FUCKING REASON!" niall screams. I am not staying here for ever! I look around and find the door, if i sprint i think i can make it. 1,2,3!!! i sprinted towards the door but i feel ten strong arms rap around me. Every single one of them was holding me back, there was no use in trying they were too strong. They sit me down in a kitchen chair. "Breakfast?" the curly haired one asked. "Are you fucking kidding me?" i say. They all turn towards me and sit down. "Look, we're sorry for what we did, but you cant leave" says the one with a buzz cut and plaid shirt. "And why ever not" i ask. "Because you will probably tell someone and then our careers will be over." says Niall. "What career?" "She doesnt even know who we are" curly says to the others. "who the fuck are you then?" i say, really pissed off. All in unison, like it was rehearsed they say loud and proud "We're One Direction." ...oh crap. I sit there mouth hanging out, shocked. I finally spit out " W-why did you k-kidnap me?" "Because you kept screaming about how much you hate us and we just wanted to show you that we arent that bad" says striped shirt all innocently. "Not that bad?NOT THAT BAD? YOU RAPED ME! HOW IS THAT NOT THAT BAD?!?" They all sat there blank faces. avoiding eye contact with me. "So if im going to be held hostage im going to need to know some names." They all look up at me and smile, psh they think i gave in. HA.

~Harry's P.O.V.~

"Im Harry" "Im Liam" "Im Zayn" "Im Niall, but you already know that" "And im Jennifer" says Lou. "No im jennifer, Jennifer Rose actually, whats your real name?" she says. "Im Louis but you can call me Lou, BooBear, Carrot king, whatever floats your boat." Wow i didnt notice this last night but she's actually really pretty, like gorgeous! I snap out of it and say "Now can we eat?" They all nod and i walk over to the fridge. Then i think wait, how does she already know Nialls name? Do they Know each other?

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