Stolen and Broken

(my first fanfic) I had to get out, go somewhere, anywhere, just not there. and knowing me, i went to the mall. running, no, more like sprinting, tears making marks on my face as the wind blows against them. He was crazy, he has definatly snapped. ever since moms funeral its like he died inside and he has no soul or right mind. When i got there, just to make my day alittle worse, they came on the radio, ugh they were so annoying. and right there i flipped. i just screamed at no one perticular, i just said how much i hated this song and who the fuck cares about those five fucking homos? then i was grabbed, and everything was black. until...


5. Its On!

~Niall's P.O.V.~

Harry has been in Jennifer Rose's room for awhile. I wonder what the're doi- OH SHIT! NOT AGAIN! I sprinted over to her room and tryed opeing the door. Locked. shit shit shit. I walked back a little and ran into the door and broke it down. "Wtf is going on here?!" i said. "shhhh i think she's sleeping" harry said. I told him to get into the kitchen and leave her alone. "Fine." he said all pissed off. I walked him walk away and then slowly got in next to her. she rolled over onto my chest and snuggled with me while she's still sleeping. I think i was jealous of Harry?  Well she is beautiful, and im the only one she should trust. Im the nice one. I slowly fell asleep with Jennifer Rose in my arms, while i stroked her back.

~Harry's P.O.V~

Wow, i think i like her. She's beautiful and so vulnerable. I need to protect her. From everyone, she's mine. I will help her get stronger and tend to her bruises and I will get her to like me. We would make a really good couple. All i have to do is get rid of Niall (not kill him just make her not like him). When Niall falls in love, he falls hard. He wont give up that easy, but i can shake him. I guess he wants a competition, psh he cant tell me to get out when im snuggling my girl. Its so on.

~3 hours later~

~Jennifer Rose's P.O.V~

I wake up to a sleeping Niall next to me. I could of sworn i fell asleep in Harry's strong, safe musculier- wait Jenn what are you thinking? You hate them remember? Then i looked up and saw Nialls face. So cute! He was like a puppy dog, i coulod just snuggle him all day. After ten minutes i got really hungry, i slowly unrapped myself from Nialls arms. By accident i woke him up when i tripped on something. I fell really hard on my left shoulder and i twisted my ancle. I think i tripped over a loose nail in the floor board, because i have a huge, bloody cut on my left ancle all the way down to the tip of my foot. I look around, yep it was a nail. I try and get up but my shoulder wont let me move. Then Niall rushes over to me, picks me up bridal style and starts paniking.  I tell him to calm down and get the first aid kit. Right then all the boys come running into the room and Liam passes out, i geuss he's not good with blood because there was a lot of it, everywhere. I feel kinda light headed too but i stick through it and tell the boys to cover my cut because i was loosing to much bloo- then i passed out.

~Harry's P.O.V~

Wow im doing a really bad job at protecting her already! "How the fuck did this happen?!?" i scream at Niall after she is passed out and she is lieing on the bed. He is frozen and cant move i think he is still in shock. ughh screw him. "I'll take her to the hospital!" i said but i turn around to Louis and Zayn blocking me. "MOVE!!" i yell. "No if you take her then they are going to ask how we know her and then we are screwed and its not a good thing if the papz see us leaving a hotel with a bloody, unconsious girl." Zayn said calmly. "Then what are we going to do with her?" i say. "Cover up her cut and wait till she wakes up" lou says. "fine" I lay her down on the bed and wrap her cut with an ace bandage. "Someone go get Niall out of the corner and pour some water on liam's face.



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