Stolen and Broken

(my first fanfic) I had to get out, go somewhere, anywhere, just not there. and knowing me, i went to the mall. running, no, more like sprinting, tears making marks on my face as the wind blows against them. He was crazy, he has definatly snapped. ever since moms funeral its like he died inside and he has no soul or right mind. When i got there, just to make my day alittle worse, they came on the radio, ugh they were so annoying. and right there i flipped. i just screamed at no one perticular, i just said how much i hated this song and who the fuck cares about those five fucking homos? then i was grabbed, and everything was black. until...


4. He's... coming

~Harry's  P.O.V~

Do they know each other? I walk over to Niall, with clenched fists, i think im ...jealous? Why am i jealous? I just freaking met this girl! After Jennifer Rose left the room to go shower, i said to Niall "How does she already know you?" " Last night, i actually conforted her, and talked to her like a human being, and didnt just rape her!" "Oh..." by then i started to feel bad and i walked away. I had to apologize to her and get to know her better. Half an hour later i walked to her room and softly knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. I called her name, no answer. Now i was mad and just barged in. I saw her, i saw the fear in her eyes, i saw the tears streaming down her face. I asked what was wrong but she was frozen. She was staring at her phone so i snatched it from her and read the text.

From Dad: Im coming to get you, ill find you, wherever you are, and when i do find you im going to do things you never even think is possible for a father to do to a daughter. Enjoy your little vacation from me, but when i get you back, your mine. ;)

Wtf this guy sounded mentally insane. "What did he mean when he said he's going to do things to you, did he mean like..." i trailed off not wanteing to insult her incase i was wrong. "yes." was all she said, then i understood. I quickly lifted her wrist to see, i was right, cuts everywhere, then i looked at her legs. I licked my finger and ran it down her leg. There was make-up all over my finger and under neath, on her leg,  was big black bruises. Her father abused her. I quickly grabbed her up in my arms and snuggled her on the bed. I stroked her hair as she cried into my chest. I said "Everything will be ok" "yeah i heard that before." she said, i was confused, then i remember i told her that last night right before i... nevermind. "We wont let anyone come and hurt you, dont worry we will always protect you." She nodded. I started to sing quietly to her as she fell asleep on my chest.

~Jenninfer Rose' P.O.V.~

As I read the text i started shaking. I was terrified. I burst out in quiet tears, so the boys wouldnt hear me I shoved my face into a pilliow.  I sat up and started thinking. I needed to escape this house, and leave the country or something! I wanted to get up and leave but something was holding me back. I had no idea what it was but i just sat there, until i heard a knock at the door, i ignored it, i really didnt want to talk to anyone at all. Then he barged in looking a little mad. Was he going to rape me again? Now i was even more scared, but i didnt look him in the eyes, i just sat still. He came over, snatched the phone out of my hand, then i knew he understood. He saw my cuts and bruises. He snatched me up and cuddled me on the bed telling me everything is okay and that he would always protect me and stuff. I felt safe in his arms. I slowly started to drift off when he started singing to me. He actually had a really good voice. Maybe i could stay here for awhile.

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