Stolen and Broken

(my first fanfic) I had to get out, go somewhere, anywhere, just not there. and knowing me, i went to the mall. running, no, more like sprinting, tears making marks on my face as the wind blows against them. He was crazy, he has definatly snapped. ever since moms funeral its like he died inside and he has no soul or right mind. When i got there, just to make my day alittle worse, they came on the radio, ugh they were so annoying. and right there i flipped. i just screamed at no one perticular, i just said how much i hated this song and who the fuck cares about those five fucking homos? then i was grabbed, and everything was black. until...


2. de-ja-vu moment

Jennifer rose'  P.O.V~

I woke up. I was on a bed in an empty room. Nobody around. I got up and was about to open the door when a guy walked in. About 5"11 , really curly hair, green eyes, and a very familiar glum smile on his face. And when i say familiar i mean like creepy familiar. Then i knew that smile, i had saw it on my dads face this morning, and i knew what was going to happen then. I lifted my knee slowly abou tan inch off the floor about to knee him in a reallly bad place to be kneed but he saw it and grabbed me and laid me on the bed. I started screaming for help. Noone came. He said " dont worry everything will be alright im good at this kinda stuff." Trying to squirm and do anything to try and get away but he had a firm grip. He started kissing my neck, then he called me beautiful. I basically screamed in his ear "dont call me that scumbag!" He told me to calm down and enjoy it. "But im a virgin". Lie. But i would say anything to get out of this situation, wouldnt you? "That makes this all the better love". He unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my jeans. wow what a de-ja-vu. He pushed me up agaisnt the wall. Kissing lower and lower. Five minutes later we were both naked. awkuard i dont even know his name. He forced my legs around his waist and slowly inserted me. By accident i let out a moan. He smiled. Ten minutes later he was done with me and left me crying on the bed, naked. Then i heard him call out "Liam your turn!"

Another guy walked in. Im geussing he's liam. He was alittle shorter then the other guy, buzz cut brown hair brown eyes and a birthmark on his neck. He simply came over to me took his pants off and said "blow", i knew what he meant but i refused. He slapped me. i was used to it thanks to dad. he now said it alittle louder but i still refused.  He raised a fist and asked once more. i still refused and he swung at me. A couple times actually.  He was a lot stronger then dad.  I gave in after a bloody nose, a fat lip, a black eye, and bruises on my back and legs. That went on for about half an hour. Then he called out for guys named Louis and Zayn. To sum that up it was basically a three sum.

Then a cute, short, blonde, blue eyed boy came in. He saw me crying and asked what happened. "I was r-raped, four t-times" i mumbled out. "They raped you?!?" "yeah" "OMG, wtf why would they do that? if managment found out?! If the papz found out??!?" he said to himself. then he realized i was still in the room he came over to me said everthing will be okay and snuggled me in his strong safe arms. "Im Niall btw" "Im Jennifer Rose". Then i fell asleep.

~Nialls P.O.V.~

I cant believe the boys raped her. Especially someone like her. I mean yeah kidnapping her was a pretty bad idea, but in the mall she kept screaming at how much she hated us, and we just wanted to show her we arent that bad. But things got pretty out of control.. obviously. How could they be so stupid? What if someone found out? That would end our careers, and we are in the middle of our tour! ( In L.A to be exact). I look down at her precious face, and realize wow, she's really pretty. Jennifer Rose. She fell asleep in my arms. I geuss i should probably go to sleep too, ill talk to the boys tomorrow.

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