Scared, wounded ,and worried

Hi I'm scarlet and I'm 18 what happens if this young girl get gets kaptured and used as a sex toy by on me direction will someone save her?!!


3. Tormented !

I woke up to Zayn humping me he showed me his dick I squealed at the sight he rubbed it all over me and kissed me and made out with me I think I saw Harry caught glimpse Idk I was scared out of my whits next came Louis he was worst he would whisper in my ear Harry hates u I would cry at that he would laugh and then came in Liem with food I dident eat I dident talk I just rested or ignore him he looked at me sadly and left his shift NIELL came in HELLO LOVE. I dident speak just moaned dident eat or drink just
Slept or moaned NIELL was sad when he left his shift I hear him screaming at louis and Zayn but dident hear about what harry came in hello. Lovely this time I cried he walked in I cried I knew he cared about me most what's wrong love " Zayn and Louis there horrible :..( " don't listen to them scarlet she looked at me with those beautiful blue teary eyes and she said Louis knows I love u and said ULL never love me ever i cry hardver THINKING about THEM no look scarlet i love u too i do i thought u dident like me ! OH she lent in tó Kiss me but Niell called shifts over mate back to our flats well I gtg bye love " Harry wait "! Yes scarlet ? Plz stay with me tonight I'm petrified okay hold. On I head a punch an dishes crashed and shattered on the ground Harry walked in smiling?!
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